Worlds of concrete

skies too dark to fly

wings tattered by words

broken to retreat,

heal thyself she knows within,

to walk before flying

to eclipse the past with a better tomorrow

to open the skies like talons tearing clouds

as they fly by in search

of new prey.

Moon speaks her silent tongue

to the ears that hear

between the lines,



sweet despair driven

to the edge of the abyss,

opening the wing to fly

perhaps to fall,

but at least to try.

To the side of light

she must reach the destination

before the arms of greed reach out

pushing her underground once again

suffocating on the stench

of industry oil coated earth,

broken and staring as the hawk

flies by alone.



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I am a sometimes poet on a quest to master the universe of my mind. My writing runs the gamut of nature, off beat, life and basically the world as I see it through the windows of my eyes. Welcome to my blog. Sit a spell in your big comfy armchair or favorite spot and read for a while if it suits and don't forget to leave a comment to let me know who you are and all that jazz. Looking forward to what each day brings and catch you on the flip side of the stars. Peace and blessings.

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