So very hard
Being far away
From your voice
Heard through the darkness
The light of the moon
Keeps you close
As does the touch
Of a star falling
Just a tiny glimpse
Of your rivers running.
If I heard you
In the depths of night
Calling my name
Would I recognize
The sister soul
The muse
Whose voice I have never heard.
Matters not
The logistics of here
Or there
As you are within me
Residing in the smile
I give to no one in particular
But seen through the beauty
Of love and light
And the piece of elegance
Hung on walls in dusty rooms
Loved by those who see
Through the faded glory
Of yesterday’s glimpses
Of another artist
But by the heart
That holds close
And loves
In understanding.

I think of friends not yet met, and the beauty they give me, the smiles lent when most needed and the universal thread of connection. The gift of this image she lent, graced the words I give in return inspired.


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I am a sometimes poet on a quest to master the universe of my mind. My writing runs the gamut of nature, off beat, life and basically the world as I see it through the windows of my eyes. Welcome to my blog. Sit a spell in your big comfy armchair or favorite spot and read for a while if it suits and don't forget to leave a comment to let me know who you are and all that jazz. Looking forward to what each day brings and catch you on the flip side of the stars. Peace and blessings.

7 thoughts on “Logistics”

  1. The poem is beautiful beyond the words, I melted down in the enjoyment of reading it, and I love this painting very much, so happy to see it again. Thanks Kim, your gifts are precious as you are, my dear friend. 💗

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  2. This is a “heart connection”. It is the most revered, of HIM and in HIS plan.

    Let us Let go and trust in it.

    The greatest of loves to you my dearest of heart-words,



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