On the edges of your horizon

I followed you silently
listening to your dream
Hearing your words of the vision
Seeing in my mind
Each description
And I followed behind you
Taking each step
Happy to see your smile
And you looked at me unsure
And I could only walk silently
I stood on the edge of your horizon
Like a prophet you lay before me
All you wanted
All you desired
And I could not see
What it was that you saw
But only emptiness
Through swimming eyes
drowning and unclear
In sorrow
For to realize
That I could never truly see
Through your eyes
But could only believe
And share your joy
For it was your journey
And not mine to be had,
I had my own visions
Life through illusions and truths
Of happiness and light
I had come through the dark
Of understanding
Of fact
That I must stand at my own edge
That I cannot carry weight
On wings that are meant for air
For thoughts that are meant
For me to truly soar.

Photo found at http://hermiona1988.deviantart.com/art/Edge-of-the-world-2-137683846


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I am a sometimes poet on a quest to master the universe of my mind. My writing runs the gamut of nature, off beat, life and basically the world as I see it through the windows of my eyes. Welcome to my blog. Sit a spell in your big comfy armchair or favorite spot and read for a while if it suits and don't forget to leave a comment to let me know who you are and all that jazz. Looking forward to what each day brings and catch you on the flip side of the stars. Peace and blessings.

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