I felt your essence falling
Like fragments of stars
Turned to flashing lights
In the midnight darkness.
This journey left me
Searching for a proper time
To let you go
To dust on the wind
That will fall from my hand
A small bit of a former self
Now whispers in the stars.
A million fireflies tell me
Let set you free in deepest woods
Where shadows comfort
In pine and maple,
Where wind flows down the path,
The time to be
At the witching hour
The places you visit
When I speak your name.
And I will walk among your ashes
One last time to reach out
In this place
That will no longer be
As familiar as it was
When you trod upon the earth
And I fell into step
By your side
For that last walk
You and I.


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I am a sometimes poet on a quest to master the universe of my mind. My writing runs the gamut of nature, off beat, life and basically the world as I see it through the windows of my eyes. Welcome to my blog. Sit a spell in your big comfy armchair or favorite spot and read for a while if it suits and don't forget to leave a comment to let me know who you are and all that jazz. Looking forward to what each day brings and catch you on the flip side of the stars. Peace and blessings.

8 thoughts on “Fragments”

    1. Thanks, more letting go of things over clung to. Laying to rest the ashes of my dog Zip soon, before we sell the house and move. He loved the woods and the lightning bugs. Used to wake me up in the middle of the night just to sit out and watch them…miss the boy. I am glad you liked it and thank you. K💜


      1. Thank you for that. I sense him around me a lot even though it’s been two, almost three years. Then two cats this year….I’ve learned to cry and let it out after many years of bottling it up. My friend has rabbits, he dresses them up and does bunny selfies of them…so cute. They’re as much work as dogs😊 and I am sorry for your loss too. I’ve learned a lot by reading a book called the untethered soul. It is amazing and helped keep me more stable and not anxious…check it out someday if you want…I highly recommend it as it has made me into a new person. Peace and blessings and if you ever want to,just shoot me an email, I check it a few times a day and will always be there even if just to say hi. Smiles, Kim.☺️


    1. More of letting go I suppose. The ashes of Zip, we’ve decided to,lay him to rest here. I think I may do it in August on the anniversary…now that will be a tough day….glad you enjoyed. I found the picture to fit my mood. K

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