Solitary souls (universe moments)

He sits in walls held by memories
Surrounded by the trees that talk of yesterday
He holds her blue heart gently in his hand.

Tales filled with pride and the native man
He understands and speaks silence
As it is his way.

She swings below the summer moon
Black and white world
Broken by the cardinal totem
That flits in her path
Bring color to her days,
As she holds his black stone close to her soul.

He holds his sacred ceremony
Returning to the past to find
All he left behind
His feathered guides bringing him safely
Home again.

She gathers the feathers in wooden drawers
Speaking to the stars of loss and love
And spinning round she wishes for more.

Timeless spaces
Two worlds spinning
Alike yet so far away
Orbiting closer
To tomorrow when paths shall meet
Collision of the universe
That keeps moving around
To bring forth all that needs to be.

Photo found on Flickr

Published by

K.L.Laettner author(InfiniteZip)

I am a sometimes poet and an author of fiction novels (K.L.Laettner) on a quest to master the universe of my mind. My writing runs the gamut of nature, off beat, life and basically the world as I see it through the windows of my eyes. Welcome to my blog. Sit a spell in your big comfy armchair or favorite spot and read for a while if it suits and don't forget to leave a comment to let me know who you are and all that jazz. Looking forward to what each day brings and catch you on the flip side of the stars. Peace and blessings.

9 thoughts on “Solitary souls (universe moments)”

    1. Thank you B, I found three more feathers last night after I wrote this…was feeling a lot of stress and went looking in the woods for the dogs that had run off. I asked the universe to show me something good and I found a small feather….I laughed and yelled out, come on, you can do better than that and five more feet I found a large black crow? Feather…..I said I want more silly universe and ten more feet voila, a big turkey feather. I felt so blessed and felt my blood pressure lowering. Ask and receive…it works😊

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      1. I only feel stressed when I lose control…I often forget that we aren’t the ones in control and to sometimes just let things be, it all works out…I get anxious over the “what if” moments and when I can relax my mind and tell myself the universe has my back, well then I relax and find my balance and peace…it usually works pretty good.

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