A thousand year death

Journey to my vision
Sleep dreams of particles
Gathering like dust at the edge
Gathering momentum to fall
A thousand-year death
Upon my soul.
How you hang like jewels encrusted
The midnight velvet of whispering thoughts
Ghosts of yesterday rise
To haunt the child alive
As flickering voices return
Their darkness of lies slip through
The haze of forgotten memory
The blistering pain
Of an eclipsed sun seen
On eyes closed to the truth
Pried open to bear witness
To this tiny speck
Of star-dust that fell
And became one with the soul
Opened to receive energy given
To become stronger through blindness
Of what is and what shall be.

Photo found on Pixabey

On the other side of reflections

She came to me in dreams
Telling me stories of days before and after
Words unheard for centuries
Falling like stars
And I gathered them up
Throwing them so high
Trying to get them home again
And she laughed.
You cannot return what is all around you,
Cannot fill voids where none exist,
It is in your mind
These darkened places,
See there,
That spark,
That light
It is of you.
She held out the mirror
And I saw flowers and brightness
And eyes looking back into mine
And I was that girl
Just older now
And she laughed.
You are all you are
It is enough
And it is beautiful
For you are not here really
You are just a snapshot once shown
Would seem to be blank
For those who cannot understand
Will never see
And she reached out her hand
Touching the glass
And came forth with a single diamond star
And I took it from her and felt the light
The entire universe I held
I felt the warmth of a hundred Suns
And knew I had found my spirit,
My home
And I laughed.

Photo found at: http://aloisa.altervista.org/ispirarsi-a-qualcosa-e-come-copiare/

The soul of light

Through years she moved
Through the thickness of a rain
Never ceasing its demand
To saturate with darkness
Like a wilderness night
Devoid of life.
As she grew the skies cleared
Like wipers on cars
Back and forth her world moved
From dark to grey
Then back
Until one day the sun seeped through
The cracks of her illusion allowing
To let something new in
And the rainbow appeared
And she sat in awe
The majesty before her
As she reached out and stole the soul
Afraid of losing this piece,
This bit of colored glow.
She went through her days
Colors locked in pockets
Lest they slipped out to escape.
But hidden away they could not be
What their purpose required and
Leaving her in darkness
When the rain came again
Moving the sun to moon
She reached in to demand
That changes must come
Only to find
Empty pockets.
Her color had gone
Leaving her bereft
So very sad and she asked the sky
As the tears mixed with rain
“Why have you allowed this?”
Where did it go she thought in her head,
For surely I had locked it away
I did not tell a soul
I did not want to share
As it is mine.
A wise bird came to rest in a puddle
Drinking and splashing
And looked at her like some birds do
And with a chirp spoke “you silly child,
It was never only yours” it is for the whole
For the big world of souls to share”
And she looked down deflated
As the words touched her within,
“Yes, my friend, you are so very right”
But she did not know what now to do,
And the bird spoke quietly
“Close your eyes and wish good on the world,
And share a joyful noise of laughter,
Dance because you can”
So she held her head high and let out a little giggle,
Yes, I can do this
Yet nothing happened
So she did it again, a bit louder this time
And through that crack a light shone
And she danced for joy at the sight
And more came pouring through
Mixing with water a rainbow appeared
As the bird flew up
Then disappeared,
So this is how to keep the light alive
This is how to share the soul of a rainbow
And then she spun around
Welcoming that love
The light
And so much more.

Lost and found

I immersed myself in
The tranquil pools
Of your love
Floated on the clear blue
Of a cloudless sky.
I was reflected in all you are
Moving through this life
Rippling with energy.
I lost myself into the depths of desire
And found myself becoming
Pulled down by the weight
Afraid to hit the earth below
Yet unable to rise above
As the waves pushed me so far away.
The treasure chest once opened
Contained nothing much
Just bits of weeds and broken shells
And a mirror that had cracked.
I looked into the reflection
And did not know who I saw there,
Emptiness and a ghostly form
That withered away
Before my eyes.
Afraid, I fought the pull
Cutting myself free to catch air
And rose higher and higher
To where the tiny speck of light remained,
Emerging with thunder and lightning
I Inhaled the air I had craved
And with a shake
Watched as diamond-like beads of water
Fell off of my wings.
I flew into the sky
Catching air into a passing cloud
And drifted away effortlessly
Higher and higher
Between the words and stars
I found myself
A treasure of feelings
A wealth of bliss
Of peace.
Lost then found.

Thoughts on a dream I had last night. My but those wings were miraculously large and glittering as I soared above a blue sea below. From afar it looked like tiny pools.

Dreaming gifts

Body relaxed as sleep overcomes
The weariness of another day
Leaving the soul rushing
Flowing pipes of
Empty sink mind water
Swirls down into
The drain
Trapped like bits of food
Examined closely
Rinsed clean like plates
Wet Cat food on the floor
The Scavenger dogs eat.
Dreams move through daily chores
Surreal yet a part of each
The minute details
I filter through
Trash unnecessary thoughts
Into the can so very full,
Looking deeper for the present
Of the presence of
Good deeds wrapped
Like golden gifts
Treasured and given
Like stars and light to change course
Reign in the dreams
With ribbons and bows,
Saving the wrappings so beautiful
Peeling off the tape that binds
Touched with lint and cat hair
How sleep transcends life
Yet still is part
Awake rubbing face as fur sticks to my hand
Eyes peer at me wondering
She licks her paw silently
As I sit and wonder
If it was really a dream
After all.

Thoughts on dishes,golden gifts wrapped pretty, life and cats that seem to get into everything..including dreams…cat hair in mouth not a good gift….crazy strange dreams yes.

Holding light

I fell in love
With the soul of a universe
Holding its light
Like a million fireflies
In a jar
So,careful with the fragile bounty
Blinded by the miracle
Of it all.
I gave my dreams
Carried on a whispering wind
That fell soft upon the bed of leaves
That lay below your feet
And moved as you walked
Each step closer
To the heart.
I closed my eyes to imagine
The silver spectral light
Of your face in sleep
I touched the softness
The gentle spirit
the breath of peace
And caressed my dream
With beauty.

Fly free

In her mind
She is flying free
Like the flight of a million butterflies
Blocking the sky
With their multi hued existence
Tiny wings moving
Flowing like a wave
Higher and higher
Moving on a breeze
She flies free.
In her mind
She is already there
Below a dappled sun
Her eyes searching the skies above
For her next journey
And she lifts off so light
buoyant rippled clouds
She lands among constellations
And a million stars decorate
Her soul with glittering beams
And she is free.

Still water

In worlds of white
Gliding through
Rippled movement
The only thing
To disturb the stillness.
Solitary grace
Scenes of white iciness
It falls steady
Like a memory playing
The days of the past
In this place
Where silence reigns
Filling the soul with peace
Breathing in
Breathing out
A part of it all

Deserted dune

I stood on the edge
Soft swirling below my toes
Rippled like water
I see the place of magic
It calls me like the ocean breeze
So very far away
Another name
Another place
Sahara like yet so cold
So alone.
No soul in sight
Frost crackles like glass panes hairline
Fractured yet so beautiful,
Frozen dunes foreign
I turn around to see
I am not there
Not yet,
But with the vision before me,
Smooth white like sand
Seeming to move with a stream of air
Swirling round
Return me to that land in the sun
Take me back
To the golden shores
To yesterday once more.
Thoughts on the snow beyond that looks like sand dunes rippled, yet the cold truth of 10 degrees like a bite of wind blowing, reminding me….nope, still up north and not on the beach. Think warm thoughts self, think warm thoughts.

Over me

Headlong I venture
Into the deepest blue
Of cerulean dreams,
Waves wash against me
Wet and alive
The tingling of coolness
Runs higher and higher
As I dive into the empty expanse
Of universal pools,
Stars and skies come into one
Where life and love meet
Between a solitary moment
And awakening seconds
Surface to the sensation,
The sand underneath my feet,
Alive and breathing so heavy
As laughter escapes
The lungs so tight
Refreshing plunge into this dream
Of life.