Love sent

Piecing together elements,

Words and sentences from so long ago

Give illusions life to mind

Another place

Another time,

Spent with ink stained hands

Penning letters to be sent

Across seas and oceans deep

To lands unknown,

Yet only dreamed

In a child’s eyes

Letters sent with love.

Take care and God speed

And all good blessings in between

Where your travels sent you,

Young men to wars

On desolate beaches and sandy shores,

Remember those whose ghost remains

A hundred years gone

Where do those names reside now?

On ledgers faded and yellowing pages

And bow tied stacks

Tucked away

In case he comes back,

Yet fragrance lingers

Of rose petals and crumbling sage

Remembrances of passion

And sun filled garden days

Who were you my friend

Whose life was gone

Long before it ever began,

And is she there to see you through

In the light of stars

Dancing again at the ball,

Where she gave you her hand

And love had been all.

The end of innocence

As the solitary fish swished in the plastic bag
Keeping tempo with her walk
Tap tap in heat of a summer day
No mercy when young love is the prize.
He holds her hand and smiles shyly
Leaning down kissing her sweetly
And she knows this moment is making her heart
Burst out of her chest where it lays trapped
Like the Orange fish in the bag
And feeling so alive,
The glow from within she feels grow inside
And she looks around to see who may bear witness
To this, her crowning moment
Her first love.
Days pass into night and swimming creatures
Not meant for such things
As love and fairs and heat
And the tap-tap of the bag against a young girls leg
And life moves forward like an accidental dead fish in a bag
And she cries a bit to see her little prize lost
And her heart breaks more so
When she sees the big prize gone,
Swimming away on the midway current
Lost to a prettier livelier fish.
She goes home alone then
And she sits in her room
Watching as the trucks carry her memories out-of-town
Broken down and lights shuttered
The smell of cotton candy and sweetness
Now hanging stale in the air.
Trucks rumble by in the night before dawn
Into the darkness and through town they roll.
An empty dresser but for
The glass jar sitting empty and creatureless,
But she knows someday it too will be full again
With splashing eyes and her mermaid dreams
Of the prizes out there to be won
And the trucks that left will back around
Setting up to begin again
But she will be wiser
Not giving so freely
Knowing she must work harder and harder
To build the inner fire
To believe in what truly is
Her radiant beauty lit from within.
To win the prize,
To be the victor of the game
That in her heart of hearts
She will be the one to win.

Silly thoughts from my youth and the realization that fish don’t live long in a ziplock bag in ninety degree heat and that love takes work, not just a single toss of a ball or prick of a dart and that with age always comes the wisdom that she is her own prize and to cherish her worth always.
Peace and blessings, K

Into today

i had a story

As deep and mysterious as

A thousand nights


How many years had it been

Since I saw your face

Till photographs remind me

Of all I left behind.

These days filled with more

Letting go

Moving on

Loving more

Dreaming always

And I thought then of the words you wrote

Yellowed and folded

Childlike print

You were a sage of my yesterday

Now crumbling into the fire

I built of scattered thoughts

That will burn 

And I will walk away

In mirror image of you

But I will be better

Because I left it behind

On the path

To loving me. 


Lavender skies

Distant storm filters
Light through lavender skies
As he waits somewhere beyond
The memory of yesterday.
Images of moments
Slipping between dreams
Restless she moves reaching out
To feel the emptiness
Of this space of silence.
Winds break the quiet
As rain hits glass
Waves of shudders fill him
As he remembers her scent
And somewhere she waits
In quiet contemplation
Of love denied.
Like the moon rising to touch
The fading light of sun
Moments that will come undone
When United for but a second
A heart will still beat
As it views
The surrender of another day
And they will move forward
To their destination
Held by invisible thread
As the universe conspires
To live the dream.

Here now

Before me a dream
Mirage of beauty fills
The soul with joy
And you stood there
Like a wish fulfilled.
In your arms I touched
The simple softness
The love like silk
The warmth consumes.
Below stars we sat
And the fire burned down
As the minutes fell away
Like the words spoken
Whispers in the night
Lovers entwined.
The skin so sensitive
Ripples of need move
Raising the awareness
Of humanity’s desire
Lost in your eyes
Locked to the smile
Breathing in your scent
And drifting away
Into the here and now.

Fine things

Under a balmy sun filled sky
They came together
The variety of people
Quiet to boisterous
Beautiful to amazing,
A day of those who see
Of those that believe.
Feeling quite out-of-place
Thinking this is not for me
Not good enough
I do not belong
Amongst the fine ones present,
I was mere comfy diner fare,
Not gourmet by far
And he came to me
Arms wide open
And eyes alive
Soul on fire
And a smile that called for ray bans.
Suddenly seeing that I was so wrong
That this is where I needed to be,
The words all I needed to absorb,
Like platters of the finest cheese
Sips of the light to hearty wine
A place that became home
For too short of time.
Energy coursed through
The once tired and weary soul,
Greeting the sun
Chasing a nap afraid to miss
One single moment
Of this island bliss.
Walking and talking
Laughter and tears
But the beautiful friends created there,
Plane carried away
Far from the sun
Back to the ice
Back to the plain.
But something so magical happened
Between that first day and now
I see the faces
Photographs and lovely memories
And I am not alone,
And I am beautiful
And I am the finer things
I had desired,
All along deep within
Set free like the drawn out cork
And I flow free
In peace and love
As I wash down the last little drop,
More please from the bottle
Of never-ending happiness.
Cheers to the days
Sweet memory replays
And I shall drink to that.

To one of the first friends I met on my way to discover what lay below and most importantly uncovering what lay within. To Appio in deepest appreciation.

She will

Skies setting before her
Standing on her mountain
Sun shines down
She will
Search within to set free
The heart on the wind of
A bird flying free,
She will
Shout out to the world
Standing proud
She will
Set the pace of her love
And hold the world
Like a fragile baby bird
Setting it back
It too will find its way,
She will
Know in her deepest soul
That this here and now
Is all that matters
Here and now.
She will
Set the world alight
Peace and energy moving
Waves of the invisible
The light she shines
Around her
Within her
She will raise her head
She will be alright
With all that will come
For she will be
A part of the equation
A piece of the endless puzzle
That always seemed to be missing
That unknown factor
The piece that she is.
She will be strong
She will be loved
She will be
All she ever longed for
And all she ever needed,
As she wraps her arms round
Those she finds
She will finally see
Reflected in all she holds dear
That image of good
She will
As she is.


Flowing red
Waves of the tide
Takes the breath away
Times of the season
Brought us under
Like images of blue
She shimmers
She watches
Eyes set back in time
As the music
The beat plays on
Through the loneliness of night.
I could tell you
The pieces never seem to fit
Like circles to squares
Can’t quite remember the words
That brought me here
And in silence I stand
Beauty before me like
Marble etched
Till the end of time
I cannot forget
That smile
That face
The tears cried in that far off place
And I am not that girl
I am not of the world
That captured your essence
And you are there
And I am here
Reckless endeavor of feeling no pride
Letting it go
And touching within
To turn back the clock
To begin again.
Love they say rules the spheres
The stars capture the spirit
The stars reflect the loneliness
Like diamonds scattered
To those who prize the touch of soul
To those who knows
What lies below
That I am sinking
And water soothes the fire that burns
And charred ashes can often be revived
But what’s left better off
Let the wind blow the remains cool
On the beach buried
Safer that way
The best days of life
Often better left as memories
Than dreams not quite captured
And the butterflies know
Dying after days of freedom
That the element best captured
Are the moments that were
And not imagined,
That lived in their time
They ask not
Anything more.

Purple moods

The delicate Softest color
Like dusk on a tired soul
Lifted by the muse
Cared for by the mother.
The lavender and hydrangea
Suit the spirit
One from each
Gives the gift of words
And the soothing balm
Of a scent of life.
Sweet woman you cover me
With the warmth of your heart
Like petals raining down like tears
Falling down to join the dance
As a quiet wind sways
I remember the words you spoke
Of love and life
And my memory sits
As evening falls
Skies hue of comfort
Wrapping me in bliss
Of a sincere smile
Of heartfelt love.


I wanted to be her,
The princess of diamonds
Of Crystal that shone
Brighter than the eyes
No longer seeing
Too soon gone
Like the delicate snow
Here then gone
Like the moments of sadness
Edges dulled
No longer crisp.
I wanted to be her
And I wore the crown
Smiling at the admiring crowds
A slight wave
Captured in black and white
Like the moments of our days
Where the heat melted away
Everything good
And left rain where once winter white covered
Hid the mirage
Of what never really was,
Just a shiny Crystal
Dulled by time
And I wanted so to be her
But that was long ago
And now I am me
And I shine so bright
Like a penny in sleet
Coming in from the cold
Finally found
By me.

Thoughts on when I was younger I wanted to be Princess Diana, love I let go of that didn’t serve who I was or who we were, and how moving on to better days and believing in myself I can finally be the person who I was destined to be. And I can shine and glitter like the sleet that covers life and will ultimately melt away, cleansing the soul.