Come forth

She was walking away into the trees
Her form a silhouette
Pronounced against the barren trees,
She turned to look back
As if this was the last vision
She would see
Then retreated into the woods.
I walked behind
In no hurry
Listening to the noises
The sound of leaves crackling under foot,
This dark dreary world
In mostly black and white
With just a touch of color at the edges.
I was alone out there
But I knew no fear,
Following the path I came to a field.
The woman had disappeared
As I knew she would
But she knew I would follow.
The flowers were sparse
But I stopped to pick a few for my travel,
And the snakes were everywhere in the grass
And I walked among them
Stepping lightly
Yet they slept,
Unaware that I was there.
I kept moving forward
And finally reached a golden city
Where trees still had leaves
And the figs and olives left the branches heavy
Weighed to the ground.
I filled my pockets as I passed
And reaching the gate
Went to pay the toll.
Having only flowers and fruit
I looked at the guard unsure,
Reached into my pocket and found,
Everything had turned to solid gold.



You walked away as I stood by the window,

we had been talking as she walked by,

the beautiful one

bouncing long curly hair,

her perfect body

her perfect smile

and I watched you

as you watched her

and the look in your eyes spoke volumes

that did not need to be uttered,

it was enough.

you walked away to catch up to her

leaving me looking in the mirror

at the reflection,

no beautiful hair

no supermodel body

but in the mind

the truth was there,

I too could walk away now and not look back

as life wasn’t about you anymore

or what I thought was love,

life was about being good enough for me

for being strong enough to let you go

to know I was worth more

than you would ever know.

I looked out the window with a slight smile,



I am not her

I am me

and that is all that matters.

goodbye I whispered to the empty room,

closing the door

I walked away head held high.

Midnight escape

Moon full in the sky
Running wild through the midnight hour
Lace whips against the legs
Snared on reaching branches.
The voices they come closer
Must run and hide away.
I feel a hand reach out
Grabbing my arm
Quick, follow me the voice whispers
Softly, sweetly Against my ear
Down here
You will see ,
Hiding behind brush thick with thorns
I hear the voices
Moving in the distance
And breath moves in and out
So very heavy.
I listen for them
They do not come this way
And I feel your body behind me
Leaning against my back
As your hand runs softly through my hair,
You are safe here you speak
As your lips move next to mine,
I inhale the fragrance
Lilacs and sunshine,
I am safe now and relax for a moment
I turn to look into your face
Shrouded in the darkness
Shadowed but I know it well
As I have all of my life
In my dreams
You’ve come to me
At last.