Water and clay

Change brings about the falling
Ice turning to rain sliding away into the dirt,
Muddy clay that sticks to the soul
To the hands that dig for truth
In the passing of a thought
Led silently astray.
The gentle movement of time
As it lays shining like glass
Broken on the pavement
Of just another day
Wrecked by the mind that grows weary
As thought betrays with energy
And a starseed awakens to words on pages
Dust to dust
Filters through the furnace
Sucked in to the pipe
Of eternity.
White coats cold
Fingers tight throbbing
Holding the light
Trying to see
That which will keep safe
Coyote dreams of death
As the scorpion goes forward
The journey known from its being
It’s destiny of destruction
If taunted into the sting
The memory brings.
I see the beauty yet feel apart
From silver drops that fall flat
Smashed to pieces
Caught up on boats made of leaves
And I whisper to the bitter wind
Coming home was all she said.

Beautiful art found at : http://krishay-moehr.artistwebsites.com/index.html

Memory imprint

I see each tiny blossom,
Baby colors blended to form
Simple beauty to behold
And I think each tiny piece that becomes
A larger part of the whole
And how back In Spring I struggled so hard
To let you survive,
To be able to bloom and grow
And to cover you in frost
With ugly woolen blankets
A yard resembling a dirty campsite
Yet below you waited,
Oh so very patiently
And you did not give much,
But you gave all you could
And I see your tiny flowers
And smile remembering
Each year that has passed me by
And each day that comes and goes
You continue to reach
For the warmth of the sun
And fill my soul with wonder
As you blush and change your colors
Lavender to blue to pink
Or many at once
And I call you my tie dye beauty
So blessed each morning to see
Your precious gentle beauty
And I am indeed richer
Because you are here,
Imprinted upon my memory that will follow me
When cold winters wind blows
I will see you and journey back
To the day I stopped
And gave thanks for your gift.

Thoughts on my little bush that struggles through weeds to give me smiles and the joy of the tie dye effect…maybe it was the fish emulsion or the dog pee…not sure, but so love this little flowering lovely.

The end of innocence

As the solitary fish swished in the plastic bag
Keeping tempo with her walk
Tap tap in heat of a summer day
No mercy when young love is the prize.
He holds her hand and smiles shyly
Leaning down kissing her sweetly
And she knows this moment is making her heart
Burst out of her chest where it lays trapped
Like the Orange fish in the bag
And feeling so alive,
The glow from within she feels grow inside
And she looks around to see who may bear witness
To this, her crowning moment
Her first love.
Days pass into night and swimming creatures
Not meant for such things
As love and fairs and heat
And the tap-tap of the bag against a young girls leg
And life moves forward like an accidental dead fish in a bag
And she cries a bit to see her little prize lost
And her heart breaks more so
When she sees the big prize gone,
Swimming away on the midway current
Lost to a prettier livelier fish.
She goes home alone then
And she sits in her room
Watching as the trucks carry her memories out-of-town
Broken down and lights shuttered
The smell of cotton candy and sweetness
Now hanging stale in the air.
Trucks rumble by in the night before dawn
Into the darkness and through town they roll.
An empty dresser but for
The glass jar sitting empty and creatureless,
But she knows someday it too will be full again
With splashing eyes and her mermaid dreams
Of the prizes out there to be won
And the trucks that left will back around
Setting up to begin again
But she will be wiser
Not giving so freely
Knowing she must work harder and harder
To build the inner fire
To believe in what truly is
Her radiant beauty lit from within.
To win the prize,
To be the victor of the game
That in her heart of hearts
She will be the one to win.

Silly thoughts from my youth and the realization that fish don’t live long in a ziplock bag in ninety degree heat and that love takes work, not just a single toss of a ball or prick of a dart and that with age always comes the wisdom that she is her own prize and to cherish her worth always.
Peace and blessings, K


She rises on skies
Gentle like sheets on a summer morning
Thrown aside to lift
To rise up
And move through the day
In silken subtlety
Flowing past moments
That are left behind
As the day slips into
The edge of night.
He greets her on high
A quiet presence patient
To her lingering
As she hangs on not yet ready
To slide down
Back into slumber
She toys with hide and seek
Sitting on the edge
Almost beyond view
Yet still shedding her light
Over and through the forest
And he grows so large
Ready to take his place
The heir of night
He stands proud
And with a wink and backward glance
She bids adieu
And sets him free.

Sleeping muse

Such beauty to behold
The words like song
Whispers of the mind
The muse she calls
To send spirit of verse
To bring me a smile.
She waits sleeping
Curled perhaps with her cat,
Her side of the universe
A world away,
Waiting patiently
For the thoughts and images
That never seem to have end,
That flow
Like a bottomless ocean.
I hear the musical lilt
To the spoken words
Through dreams she laughs
Childlike as she plays
Beyond the glass
In the dying remnants of summer sun,
I wave hello
And tread down the stairs
Into the surrounding skies
On the breeze we move

She sings

Sing to me the song
Of beauty and vision
And oils that run
Like the rays of the sun,
Moving into
The flashes above
Of a star that falls
To your feet
In awe and love
Of the moon.
Sing to me the song
Of summers fairest bloom
Of petals soft
Like silk that slides
Off shoulders beneath
A setting day
Moving beyond horizons
Into a quiet dusk.
Sing to me a song
Of your heart,
Of your soul
And I will capture your voice,
The sweetest birds song,
The loveliest piece
Ever heard
And release it to the sky
To let the universe stand
And listen
To beauty’s magnificent serenade.


She has stolen the soul
Ensconced within her shimmering robes
He hides
By the beauty
She possesses the prize
Of his undying love
Captured forever
In her gossamer cape
He waits
By the grace of her movements
As she gathers words
Spun from webs
Ancient wisdom brought forth
From her childhood
She weaves him in
Her loving embrace
And seamlessly fades
Into the ghostly fog
Of another day.

Climb to enlightenment

Stone by stone built
Rung by rung climb
This is my existence
Here this house built by years
By thought
By dream
And I climb to the top
To the crevice where no air remains
Only joy and happiness
And the view of
The enlightened.
My place to come
To meditate
To be
To talk to my thoughts
Like old friends
Of like mind
Of smiles
Of laughter
And all I ever want and need
And I raise a cup of richness
To the bounty all around
And I breathe in the floral scents
So perfect
That feel so in tune to the spirit
That I cannot but help to stop
And look about me and wonder
Is this just a memory remembered
Or what will be before me
That I crave
And love so dearly.
Each day the ladder grows so tall
And still I climb back
For that is all I know now
Of the path
The culmination of visualizing
What is and will be
In my balanced mind
Home by the sea.

Photo by: http://fineartamerica.com/featured/happiness-in-perpetuity-paul-bond.html

Painted life

She sketches the ghost of a smile
Mirror reflection
Brush coaxed out
The beauty within.
She strokes on color
The palette littered
The colors of her emotion
Applied with loving care
To her blank canvas.
Age old selfie
In oils
Pigments transferred
To match the view
Of all she sees
And below the surface
That which is yet unnamed by her mind.
Still life of girl
Painted by woman
Who longs for the yesterday
Before the creases became
Part of the creation,
Before the browns turned grey,
To a time when youth was beauty
She does not see
That time changes nothing
Just slightly alters
The tones of paint,
Dulling them slightly
Peeling at edges
But still a masterpiece
To the trained eye.