A toast for the muse

Words sent like confetti
Floating down to touch your hair
To cover you in love and light
Bits and pieces cut
From a heart of love.
Time moves fast
Like the cork that flies free
Excited to be a part
Of the celebration
Of you.
I raise a toast to brightest days
To laughter carried on wind,
I touch the sky and pluck a star
Letting it drift down
Into the cup of happiness
I drink to you.
I think of you often
When days grow dark
And times feel sad when you’re far away,
But today I give thanks
To you my sweetest friend,
And gift you with peace and blessings
Of sun on sand
And trees that dance on the wind
Just for you.
The muse sings sweetly
And the song so familiar
Leaves me touched
By this beautiful life
We truly live.