Between words

What is it
This emptiness that lies between words
In the spaces filled with something,
The language of breath
And formation of the body movement,
Palpable in its nothingness
Yet so deeply heard.
Reaching for the sky
Locked in the senses
Each one whole
Silence not broken by the sound
Of words thick with meaning
Underlying and known thoughts
To let it go into the wind,
Slip away beneath the surface
Watching it drown in its self
Rising strong above
Warrior carries the burden
Alone to stand
Undisturbed by the pull
Of a need,
Letting the sorrow go
Of the need to control,
To fix,
To make it all better,
Hands open to the coming
Of love undeniable.


Entering a change

Broken leaves crack like gunshot
Beneath lumbering feet searching
Through restless forests silenced
By the coming of man.
White tails move away
Clipped paces too fast it seems for eyes that see
For thoughts that seek an end
To the burning questions bred
By indecision
And the hands of fate
That led him here.
Silver light flickers
As a hand held up to block the light
Entering shadows on the quest
To bring peace to the existence
Once lost here among
The hard woods and rot
And the fungus that marks decay
Turned to a pile of nothing
With the heel that kicked it away.
Clouds move in as winds come to call
The eclipse hours off
A change on its way
Where clarity will again take hold
And whisk the thoughts effortlessly away
And as the flies flicker about
Hovering like puppets,
They too will blow free with the wind,
The chorus of nature will once again rise up
To take their place,
And finish the music echoing
In this amazing fortress
Filled with the earths hypnotic grace
And tomorrow’s blessing will grab hold
As each tender step taken,
With eyes wide open to see
This peace at last
To be set free.

This moon turns the thoughts like a compost barrel, around and around and knowing that soon the great dark earth made under the sun each day will turn to itself and become all it is truly meant to be.
Beautiful image taken by my father.

Peace in dusk

Holding you
Softest breath upon my being
Moving to the edge
Another dusk finds me calling
To the peace of air
The warmth of dying light
Slips away
And beside the quietest water I carry
The burdens of each day passed
And hold so gently
They will come I know,
The moments of labor
Of a heart that will slow
A moment of tears before
Letting go
And I will carry you there
To the place of the setting sun
And I will cradle you
As you slip silently away
And I will know then
How to let go
Of a dearest friend.


full moon shadows lay across
The lawn like pale blankets
Leaving trees marked by the shadows
Like ghostly remnants
Of what is seen in the daylight-
The barest essence of what lay in
The surrounding darkness.
The witching hour drawers closer
The minutes at hand
I sit and wait for you
In the solitude of this lonely house
Devoid of laughter
With your absence.
The invisible division of summer to
Autumns splendor-
Marked in passing with a chill to the air,
The body knows what the mind
Tries to hide-tries to deny,
The warmth, the endless sun filled days
Not so endless
After all.
So chilled within’, feeling like a stranger
In this coming change of season.