Nature confetti

Sprinkled bits of yesterday
colors underfoot
She waits for the bite of cold
landing amongst the leaves
her thoughts like confetti falling down.
Not ready to say goodbye
as the feathers wave farewell in passing
and fading into the dull shades
of another passing day
where have you gone my hummingbird friend?
Vibrant splendor eludes
as the rain falls in haphazard fashion,
the show remains behind the curtain
and it feels as if intermission
has commenced too soon.
Where did you drift to sweet summer,
I grow weary of this season
Just beginning,
As the small vermin gather
Nuts for the winter to come
I sit and wait


Spice of life

I look in your eyes
Inhaling the scent of your skin
Cinnamon and anise
Comforting tea in your hand
As I close my eyes
Lost in sweet memories.
The taste of your lips
Chai bliss of yesterday
Sweet cream to diffuse
Pale shades linger
Yesterday thoughts.
A spoon resting
Silver curves round
Like the form of shadows
On shades at night
Sultry evenings pass
Like the scent when you’re gone
And I stir an empty mug
And ponder the mysteries
Of spices of life.

Life of color

We danced the street
lights moving to the beat
of a hundred feet
a living wave
of laughter and song
the life of color
alive at night.
We give voice to the darkness
moments that will never
happen the same way again
and we were the rainbow
that brought smiles to
nameless faces we passed
and we were one
rippling like rain
blending like watercolor
on parchment.
We lived the dream
rocking the party
of each street we cross
harmony choir of happiness
dance walk past the shining shops
see the smiles
see the wonder
as energy moved us
a current of charged souls
sending vibes of happy
and my soul smiled