On the other side of reflections

She came to me in dreams
Telling me stories of days before and after
Words unheard for centuries
Falling like stars
And I gathered them up
Throwing them so high
Trying to get them home again
And she laughed.
You cannot return what is all around you,
Cannot fill voids where none exist,
It is in your mind
These darkened places,
See there,
That spark,
That light
It is of you.
She held out the mirror
And I saw flowers and brightness
And eyes looking back into mine
And I was that girl
Just older now
And she laughed.
You are all you are
It is enough
And it is beautiful
For you are not here really
You are just a snapshot once shown
Would seem to be blank
For those who cannot understand
Will never see
And she reached out her hand
Touching the glass
And came forth with a single diamond star
And I took it from her and felt the light
The entire universe I held
I felt the warmth of a hundred Suns
And knew I had found my spirit,
My home
And I laughed.

Photo found at: http://aloisa.altervista.org/ispirarsi-a-qualcosa-e-come-copiare/


I felt your essence falling
Like fragments of stars
Turned to flashing lights
In the midnight darkness.
This journey left me
Searching for a proper time
To let you go
To dust on the wind
That will fall from my hand
A small bit of a former self
Now whispers in the stars.
A million fireflies tell me
Let set you free in deepest woods
Where shadows comfort
In pine and maple,
Where wind flows down the path,
The time to be
At the witching hour
The places you visit
When I speak your name.
And I will walk among your ashes
One last time to reach out
In this place
That will no longer be
As familiar as it was
When you trod upon the earth
And I fell into step
By your side
For that last walk
You and I.

The Neptune affair

Maybe it was the eyes
So deep and searching
She moved over him like a wave
Carelessly brushing against
The hair of his leg
Reaching past him
He caught his breath
Muscles tense
Yet fluid.
Maybe it was his words
Speaking with the soft southern drawl
“You’re dangerous” he said quietly with a smile
“I think not” she whispered back laughingly.
With a smile she swam back
Her corner of her shrine
Turquoise waters covering
What his eyes were seeking,
“You’re not like anyone else,
The way you talk,
The words you speak”
She shrugged her shoulders gently
Looking to him with raised brows
“I use the words that suit”
Was her only reply.
“Women I know would not talk like that” he said
as his hands made tiny waves in the water,
Nervous energy moving slowly.
She swam back across the blue
Ripples moving the warm waters
Like the Red Sea parting
She came close
And watched
Not speaking
As he shifted positions to be closer.
“You’re smart, your big words, your refined elegance”
She leaned back into the water
Hair cascading down her back
Black and slick like a whip,
“It is who I am, I can be no other”
She moved away again
Watching his gaze move up and down
As if entranced by her mermaid tail
Invisible to all
But him.
She lifted herself out
To the concrete shelf
As her scales slid way
Leaving softness and the lair
Of a woman who embraced her core,
She knew her power,
She felt his undoing.
She rose to leave and felt him beside her,
Reaching for her, his hand gentle on her shoulder
She felt her soul shivering in the night air,
“Ah Neptune my love, tis time to depart”
And she moved a few steps away to leave.
Gathering her treasures,
Yet realizing she had left one behind
Silently walked back to the man who waited.
She could feel his eyes in the darkness
Searing into her soul
As he gathered her so close
She rested her face to his neck
Felt his muscles quiver,
She could taste the salt
The warmth of his shoulder,
She closed her eyes and wished for but a moment
As her lips brushed his sweetly,
Her hands dropped to their side
Hands empty,
“Your treasure is not mine” she said
As a tear fell from her eyes,
“Ah but no fear my beauty, this gift will remain in my mind
Until my dying day” and he kissed her hand
And released her to the wind.
She did not look back,
She could not stay in this moment,
Her heart had journeys to go
And maybe someday perhaps,
They would find each other once more
Under a dying moon
Immersed in warm pools
Of a memory.

Here now

Before me a dream
Mirage of beauty fills
The soul with joy
And you stood there
Like a wish fulfilled.
In your arms I touched
The simple softness
The love like silk
The warmth consumes.
Below stars we sat
And the fire burned down
As the minutes fell away
Like the words spoken
Whispers in the night
Lovers entwined.
The skin so sensitive
Ripples of need move
Raising the awareness
Of humanity’s desire
Lost in your eyes
Locked to the smile
Breathing in your scent
And drifting away
Into the here and now.

A thought on….

You were so fine
Just sitting there
Silhouette against the wall
How I want to make you mine.
Licking my lips
Knowing you’d taste
So very very sweet
I closed my eyes
Holding you so gently
Turning you round in my hand
Just one I begged
No one will know,
Just a bite
And I will feel alright.
Intoxicating scent
All I could have hoped for
All I could have wanted
As you melted in my mouth
More I cried,
I wanted more
I could not stop
Frenzied thoughts
So very bad
But oh so very good.
Dripping juices falling
The corners of my mouth
Curved into a smile
Oh yes I whispered
As I licked off the remains
From my fingers,
Maybe just one more
Before I walk away.

Hmmmmmm….what were you thinking people?


Love waiting

Far away
Her thoughts dimmed memory
He was there for a moment
She turned to find him
Now gone.
She waited
Patience a friend
Where love seeks to be found
Dressed for the moment
That never comes.
He has slipped away
Into the darkness
His yesterday
Following destiny
He turned away.
She knows he will once more return
As each time before
Her spell woven upon the air
When his gaze fell to watch
Each breath she took.
He comes at night
As she sits smiling
Knowingly she beckons
Come, return to me
And he is lost once more
In the passion and love
Of the mistress of his dream.


I see you there
In the sun
Land of swaying palms
Moving in gentle peace
Carried on the wind
With a rising sun.
I see you walking
The sand deep below your feet
Silhouette as sun fades
With another dying day.
I see you there
The smile resting gently upon
A canvas of bliss
Blonde hair curls
Tawny dunes
And grasses beckoning
To join the dance
In the ocean paradise.
I dreamt of days
So much like this
And there was us
Evolving in the moment
Of tomorrow.


I am in the meadow and I dance
like a beautiful vision
I spin
I whirl like a feather
that floats along on the wind
moving back and forth
with a simple abandon
I dance.
I laugh to the world
being free of bounds
of limiting beliefs and I know
this is what true freedom
is for my soul,
this is what life is
for the one who did not see.
He plays his flute
or plucks his strings
and the music so lovely
I reach out a hand to touch
the moment in my memory
as if it were never really there
as if it were a dream
that cannot come to fruition.
I walk in the grass
I am free
I am one with the vision
of peace.

Dreaming awake

White sand spilled
From blue skies on high
Picture perfect moment
I will wait for you.
Running forward to embrace
The sights and sounds
The sand packed hard beneath the feet
Wetness lends itself
To signs I left behind
Follow the prints to the heart.
I will wait
While water washes clear
The path I take to arrive here,
With a wave and a smile
Below an endless scene
Beauty waits for us to join,
Slipping away
Dreaming awake.

City of sea

She lives in colors

in the city of the sea,

crayola shades a vibrant hue

nestled besides her love.

The waves knock daily

her ears strain to hear the sound as they call

come sweet friend,

swim in the blues

where the sun meets the water,

float along and dream

your greatest hearts desire.

She lives in pretty boxes

stacked neatly by the sand

and calls to the ocean at night

as sleep moves her rocking

so gently the waves sway

back and forth

lullaby of salt and sea,

she feels alive here

as nowhere else,

beneath the stars she closes her eyes

and slips away into her dream

in her lemon room

she sleeps deep,

comforted by the sounds of natures silence

broken only by a tiny wave.

photo found on: fineartamerica