Between words

What is it
This emptiness that lies between words
In the spaces filled with something,
The language of breath
And formation of the body movement,
Palpable in its nothingness
Yet so deeply heard.
Reaching for the sky
Locked in the senses
Each one whole
Silence not broken by the sound
Of words thick with meaning
Underlying and known thoughts
To let it go into the wind,
Slip away beneath the surface
Watching it drown in its self
Rising strong above
Warrior carries the burden
Alone to stand
Undisturbed by the pull
Of a need,
Letting the sorrow go
Of the need to control,
To fix,
To make it all better,
Hands open to the coming
Of love undeniable.

Lost and found

I immersed myself in
The tranquil pools
Of your love
Floated on the clear blue
Of a cloudless sky.
I was reflected in all you are
Moving through this life
Rippling with energy.
I lost myself into the depths of desire
And found myself becoming
Pulled down by the weight
Afraid to hit the earth below
Yet unable to rise above
As the waves pushed me so far away.
The treasure chest once opened
Contained nothing much
Just bits of weeds and broken shells
And a mirror that had cracked.
I looked into the reflection
And did not know who I saw there,
Emptiness and a ghostly form
That withered away
Before my eyes.
Afraid, I fought the pull
Cutting myself free to catch air
And rose higher and higher
To where the tiny speck of light remained,
Emerging with thunder and lightning
I Inhaled the air I had craved
And with a shake
Watched as diamond-like beads of water
Fell off of my wings.
I flew into the sky
Catching air into a passing cloud
And drifted away effortlessly
Higher and higher
Between the words and stars
I found myself
A treasure of feelings
A wealth of bliss
Of peace.
Lost then found.

Thoughts on a dream I had last night. My but those wings were miraculously large and glittering as I soared above a blue sea below. From afar it looked like tiny pools.