Fly free

In her mind
She is flying free
Like the flight of a million butterflies
Blocking the sky
With their multi hued existence
Tiny wings moving
Flowing like a wave
Higher and higher
Moving on a breeze
She flies free.
In her mind
She is already there
Below a dappled sun
Her eyes searching the skies above
For her next journey
And she lifts off so light
buoyant rippled clouds
She lands among constellations
And a million stars decorate
Her soul with glittering beams
And she is free.


Flight of soul

She has become
With the souls
Her sisters,
Her brothers.
She flies on wings
Built of dreams
And magical things.
She has become one
The universal flight
Of dream and reality
She lifts her wings
Higher she soars
With what she has become.
She knows the path
Through light and dark
Up drafted bliss
Carries her into the sun
A shadow
Left behind
Of who she is no longer.
She is free.
She is a spirit
On winged flight
Into the truth
Of all she can be.

Finding fate

Dark of night she slips by

unnoticed girl

feline companion they travel

in search of fate.

Her eyes the teacher of secrets,

hidden behind heart of steel,

she feels the strength in each step she takes,

on her way with destiny.

Come tomorrow she will be gone,

no visible sign of her passing

except sweet air of lilac

whispering of the life she has gone to find,

her name unknown to all but one.

Through the pain and suffering she has arrived,

willowy limbs steady, moving in the night ,

the stars her guide and the moon her keeper,

she finds the sunlight in forests,

she feeds on the rain of morning.

The girl I’ve known forever and a day,

if you see her pass give a nod of the head

and don’t watch to see where she goes,

as this road she must travel alone,

her beauty a vision,

her loyalty true

and if in her wake the lavender rises

It is her gift to you,

a remembrance of youth and freedom,

A taste of yesterday reborn.