Water and clay

Change brings about the falling
Ice turning to rain sliding away into the dirt,
Muddy clay that sticks to the soul
To the hands that dig for truth
In the passing of a thought
Led silently astray.
The gentle movement of time
As it lays shining like glass
Broken on the pavement
Of just another day
Wrecked by the mind that grows weary
As thought betrays with energy
And a starseed awakens to words on pages
Dust to dust
Filters through the furnace
Sucked in to the pipe
Of eternity.
White coats cold
Fingers tight throbbing
Holding the light
Trying to see
That which will keep safe
Coyote dreams of death
As the scorpion goes forward
The journey known from its being
It’s destiny of destruction
If taunted into the sting
The memory brings.
I see the beauty yet feel apart
From silver drops that fall flat
Smashed to pieces
Caught up on boats made of leaves
And I whisper to the bitter wind
Coming home was all she said.

Beautiful art found at : http://krishay-moehr.artistwebsites.com/index.html

To choose

I open my eyes to the darkest morning
Laying relaxed
Muscles at ease
As mind rushes through
Thoughts of a day
Before me.
I choose to be happy
To smile and believe,
I choose to let go
Of all that doesn’t suit me,
Like peeling off layers of clothes
That weigh you down
On movement from cold to warm.
I choose to be thankful
Of this life
This moment it will move through,
My segments paved
With good intention
And I will rise up
And look squarely in the glass
At the reflection before me
And I will be beautiful
And I will be free
Of others choices
For that is theirs
And theirs alone.
I choose my path
With clear intent,
That in this place
In this moment
Someday I will return
And I will awake
As I do each morning
And I choose to say
Thank you to the sun, moon and stars
For blessing me
With this that is right
And I choose to hold my arms out to the sky
And be comforted with an ocean breeze
As I fly away home
I choose this.

Morning thoughts knowing this place will be far behind me in a few hours, and that I will be home and that really, home is where my happiness resides, home is my heart and my mind no matter where my feet touch down.