Of time and space…a journey

The tiny golden key lay in shadowed dust behind the old stately bed. How long had it been here, who did it belong to and most important, what did it fit?
I searched the closets that lay empty and barren. The smell of ancient days forgotten trapped in webs that hung like lace.
In the back corner a small box lay. I picked it up and dusted off the cover to reveal a lovely pattern etched in the wood of a half-opened door and stars and a crescent moon in the upper corner. I searched and found a hole at the bottom of the box. How odd I thought to put a keyhole underneath. A strange little box in shape, not quite square yet not rectangular. Almost triangular with a few extra corners thrown in. I tried the key and it would not fit. I turned the key the opposite way and it slid in without effort. I was almost afraid at this point, with this ancient little box and it’s forgotten key. What would I find inside? I turned the key and a hissing sound, like air escaping erupted from one of the corners. a small stream of scent, like cedar and oranges and something forgotten drifted to my nose. I remember this scent from when I was a child. I had always connected it to my grandfathers jacket that was never worn. It hung long and dark and I often hid behind it during hide and go seek. I had never been discovered so I found it to be the perfect escape. How that memory returned to me in that moment and I thought I heard his voice from the floors below, although he has been gone for twenty plus years, still….it is his voice beckoning me to open this. I am afraid and I hold the box out away from me and this warming sensation begins to drift up my arms. I notice where the scent escaped there was a small bit of light, almost like a night-light one would use to comfort a small child from the things that go bump in the night. Open it, his voice said from somewhere behind me and I knew it would all be alright. I sat the box upon my lap and began to finish the turn of the key to release the lid. A snap from within, an inner latch opening and a simple music box song began to play. Somewhere in time, the rhapsody of yesterday and pennies came back to me and filled my heart with words that did not need to be spoken. You have returned I thought as tears ran down my dusty cheeks, you have found the door and I, the key….to be continued.

Just a little short story….what do you think I will find in the box? What would you hope the box contains? I leave the journey open to share….please let me know where it goes next in your eyes.

lovely photo found at : http://spraycan2.deviantart.com/art/Open-the-door-space-81700886

Memory imprint

I see each tiny blossom,
Baby colors blended to form
Simple beauty to behold
And I think each tiny piece that becomes
A larger part of the whole
And how back In Spring I struggled so hard
To let you survive,
To be able to bloom and grow
And to cover you in frost
With ugly woolen blankets
A yard resembling a dirty campsite
Yet below you waited,
Oh so very patiently
And you did not give much,
But you gave all you could
And I see your tiny flowers
And smile remembering
Each year that has passed me by
And each day that comes and goes
You continue to reach
For the warmth of the sun
And fill my soul with wonder
As you blush and change your colors
Lavender to blue to pink
Or many at once
And I call you my tie dye beauty
So blessed each morning to see
Your precious gentle beauty
And I am indeed richer
Because you are here,
Imprinted upon my memory that will follow me
When cold winters wind blows
I will see you and journey back
To the day I stopped
And gave thanks for your gift.

Thoughts on my little bush that struggles through weeds to give me smiles and the joy of the tie dye effect…maybe it was the fish emulsion or the dog pee…not sure, but so love this little flowering lovely.

The heart of love

Dainty envelopes waiting
Elegant writing expressing
A heart of love
Given just because.
Close my eyes and see the smile
Blue girl shining like light
Vibrant sunshine yellow
And I can’t help but smile.
True spirits dancing
Sandy beaches and moonlit water
Tides bring change
Welcoming the truth of being alive.
A sister wild and free
Below the sky we are running free
To find our bliss in paradise
Lavender thoughts
Bring a heart filled with love.
Beautiful girl, thank you,
How I love a surprise.

A beautiful card found me unexpectedly from my girl Sara Ann. hello beautiful, pass it on and a letter filled with so much happiness and joy I could feel it through the ink to my fingers. I am blessed with amazing and beautiful friends.

Love in waves

Your words wash over me
Tsunami brings forth
Oceans of waves
Of love to my soul.
I float in the embrace
Of the water below the new moon
Echoes of my heart
Beating at peace.
You whisper to the senses
The lessons needing to be learned,
To be held true to all that is
To all that matters.
Strength buoys me in this movement
As I drift closer to shore
In reach of all I can feel,
To all that was meant
To set this love so free.
The anchor untied
Freedom of lightness inspires
To return bearing treasures
Of gifts of the sea
Of the essence of me.

Influenced lately by the new moon, being born in the sign of Cancer and feeling so loved today and also so very blessed at the gifts of words from wise friends.

Her words

Jars of words
Fleetingly passing
From thought to wisps of paper
Smiles in ink
Tucked away
Like birds in a cage
Her words moving
Pushing against the bonds
Seeking escape to be free
upheld and flying away
Into the atmosphere
Feathers moving
In bliss of love.
Her words falling
Touching down gently
Upon the lonely souls
Lost to her
Yet still remembered
She remembers the sense
The feel of each one
Like a precious gift
She gives her words
Wings to fly.


I wait with anticipation
eager to see your words
to hear your story
to picture the you I think of
the way you smile
what makes you happy
what makes you sad.
I read the words
emotions spread like
blood turned to ink
and I see something there
so unexpected,
these words you speak
could have come from me
could have been said by me,
the ultimate mirror
we all possess this
and how we think we are unique,
that no one else can possibly know,
could come close to feel
and the simple fact is
we are all so very connected,
through the good
and through the bad,
how we wonder aloud at
the voices in our head
as we stare out the window
at what is our life
and come to conclusions
that together we overcome
that together we are as one.

Thoughts of a dream

I dreamt of you
The darkest night so restless
And I called your name
To hear the sound
Of loneliness
Of silence.
I spoke a wish
A simple prayer
To be heard so far
Seas between
Thrashing like blankets
On a fevered body,
A calm crept in
And a quiet whispered wind
Blew so gently
As if it weren’t really here at all,
And my wishes took flight
Before my eyes
Scattering to the end of the earth
To rest at your feet,
And I felt your smile
At the joy it brought,
And I awoke to find
A storm had ended
And a new day had begun
And I knew
That all was right
That seeds for joy were sown,
That the laughter I heard
Was a truth of bells
Dancing in the shade
Of a wise old tree
Giving shelter
Giving love.

Universal joy

I can close my eyes
Envisioning you as a child,
Sweet girl in awe
Of the magic of the world,
Hair blowing in the summer breeze
And a smile lighting your face
Like human sunshine.
I see you with your creatures
Your pretty butterflies
You curiosity at all that moves
That lives.
We are not children any longer
Yet in our mind that spirit remains,
remembrance of the simple times
When the smallest thing filled
Our endless heart.
Time crashes down
And years go by
We wonder sometimes
What happened to that feeling,
That smile,
Those dreams?
How can we return?
I close my eyes and picture you there
Still a child,
Still so very content,
Not yet wounded
Spirit still so strong
And maybe that’s enough to make it so,
When we take back control
When we look in the mirror and smile,
Telling ourselves “not today”
Today I will rise
I will be open to the skies
To the songs of angels
To the words of poets
To the thread that connects us all,
And I will feel grateful
To breathe the air this moment
And the next
And I will tell myself yes,
This is just enough right here,
Right now,
And I will open my eyes again
And walk with my head high
And say to you all
Thank you friends
For being a part of it all,
Of believing when I couldn’t
And for smiles and stars sent
Which I hold so tight
My heart is overflowing
And I am young and joyful
Once again.

Thoughts after reading some lovely blogs by old and new friends and seeing this photo and picturing a world in which we are all innocent again. Not wounded by the people and circumstances this world sometimes gives us, but hopeful and filled with joy and wonder once more.

A lifetime

If I had to give
A lifetime
To hear your words
Spun tales of the unknown
Of a universe unfolding
Behind eyes
Too dulled to see,
If I had a lifetime
And words could heal
Make whole the wants and needs
The traveller of the stars
Could sleep
In dreams of sublime happiness
In rooms of white
Isn’t that what we all need
To bring peace to a soul unsure,
Unprepared for the truth
Of the skies and stars
And do we stand by
As witness to our own truth
And would we be so very afraid
To learn
The truth was all that ever mattered…
That we are really truly connected
By the webs of spiders
That weave on our behalf
Glorious art piece that would never see
The light of a museum
But cherished none the less?
I hold dear the heart
Etched like a gravestone
In a decrepit yard
As they were like I,
Souls who did not want to leave quite yet
But wanted to be remembered
In some archaic way,
For me I choose to spend the balance
Blowing in the wind
With the souls of seasons,
Collected like dust
On the petal
Of a flower
In the sun.

Somewhere (to friends)

I picture you
Far away
Letting your heart spill onto paper
Folded neatly and tucked
Into the small envelope
Sitting at your desk
As you ponder sadness
Through the view of the window
I see you beautiful,
A smile tilting your mouth
As you recall a story,
An anecdote
Of your days,
Locked in the world
Far far from here.
I close my eyes
Wondering where your mind drifted to
As you told me of heartbreak
Of joy
And of the gifts that life brings,
And I feel as if I’ve known you
For forever and a day,
And I think of the words
Written on pretty paper
And I wonder if you know,
Just how much joy
You give me on dark days,
Just how much words mean
When the heart craves all things good
And the envelope flies
To land at my feet
Another white feather sent
From the bird that flies free
In the sky above.