Through space and time
Miles away I close my eyes
See you standing there shining
Like you always do,
Like you know how
To reach across
The words at your fingertips
Gifted to the world
To hands open
Waiting and open
To receive.
And I love you,
Your special ways
And I sit here smiling just because
I felt that energy
Spanning across this universe
Touching me lightly
Like a silent blessing
To live
To dance
To just be.

Thinking of a special friend whose words just lifted me so very high.


Fine things

Under a balmy sun filled sky
They came together
The variety of people
Quiet to boisterous
Beautiful to amazing,
A day of those who see
Of those that believe.
Feeling quite out-of-place
Thinking this is not for me
Not good enough
I do not belong
Amongst the fine ones present,
I was mere comfy diner fare,
Not gourmet by far
And he came to me
Arms wide open
And eyes alive
Soul on fire
And a smile that called for ray bans.
Suddenly seeing that I was so wrong
That this is where I needed to be,
The words all I needed to absorb,
Like platters of the finest cheese
Sips of the light to hearty wine
A place that became home
For too short of time.
Energy coursed through
The once tired and weary soul,
Greeting the sun
Chasing a nap afraid to miss
One single moment
Of this island bliss.
Walking and talking
Laughter and tears
But the beautiful friends created there,
Plane carried away
Far from the sun
Back to the ice
Back to the plain.
But something so magical happened
Between that first day and now
I see the faces
Photographs and lovely memories
And I am not alone,
And I am beautiful
And I am the finer things
I had desired,
All along deep within
Set free like the drawn out cork
And I flow free
In peace and love
As I wash down the last little drop,
More please from the bottle
Of never-ending happiness.
Cheers to the days
Sweet memory replays
And I shall drink to that.

To one of the first friends I met on my way to discover what lay below and most importantly uncovering what lay within. To Appio in deepest appreciation.

Strength of a soul

She wraps her hands round
The creatures
Far and wide
Of every land
Embracing with love
Shining with that fire
That burns so brightly inside.
So strong
Yet so gentle
Kindest souls vibrate
Energy and waves of joy
With smiles that melt
The strongest heart
She remains in the mind
Long after she is out of sight
Words and memories
The giving soul
Of woman.
She comes to dreams
Inspiring thoughts
For the dawn of
Mornings light
Leaving you free
The baggage of nightmares
Dropped and left behind
The promise of all that will be
The truth of fact
The dreams spiraling upward
The waves sent out returning
Bearing gifts of this universe
And the greatest of all
The simple blessed
Gift of a friend.
I sit before her humbled
At the glow of life and love
Exuded from within
Thankful for the moment
As you hugged me in that
Soul filled embrace,
To look into your eyes and see
An amazing loving woman
Believing in me.

To one of the most amazing people I’ve had the honor to meet in my life. I am a better person for the gift of her friendship and her belief in everyone she meets and touches.
Leigh, to you with e utmost love and respect.

She will

Skies setting before her
Standing on her mountain
Sun shines down
She will
Search within to set free
The heart on the wind of
A bird flying free,
She will
Shout out to the world
Standing proud
She will
Set the pace of her love
And hold the world
Like a fragile baby bird
Setting it back
It too will find its way,
She will
Know in her deepest soul
That this here and now
Is all that matters
Here and now.
She will
Set the world alight
Peace and energy moving
Waves of the invisible
The light she shines
Around her
Within her
She will raise her head
She will be alright
With all that will come
For she will be
A part of the equation
A piece of the endless puzzle
That always seemed to be missing
That unknown factor
The piece that she is.
She will be strong
She will be loved
She will be
All she ever longed for
And all she ever needed,
As she wraps her arms round
Those she finds
She will finally see
Reflected in all she holds dear
That image of good
She will
As she is.

Life of color

We danced the street
lights moving to the beat
of a hundred feet
a living wave
of laughter and song
the life of color
alive at night.
We give voice to the darkness
moments that will never
happen the same way again
and we were the rainbow
that brought smiles to
nameless faces we passed
and we were one
rippling like rain
blending like watercolor
on parchment.
We lived the dream
rocking the party
of each street we cross
harmony choir of happiness
dance walk past the shining shops
see the smiles
see the wonder
as energy moved us
a current of charged souls
sending vibes of happy
and my soul smiled

Words into the air

She lifts me,
Her high wire words
Suspending me with buoyancy
I cannot fall
The air hangs with the cushion
Of beauty
To catch
To comfort
To buffer the unbalanced moment
Of air swirling
Like Walenda in a far off land
But to survive
To stand
Shake off the dust
Of snow that swirls about the soul
Blinded windows quiver
Nothing to see folks,
Move along,
But she will lift me
Through the winds that will rock
The ship on quiet waters
She will guide me
To smooth passages
Her verse a lighthouse
Her friendship an anchor
Keeping in check
Against the high tides.
Seasons spawn unease
And I will forge on
Blinded by the winter chill
Balanced precariously on a dream
I will tread with abandon,
I will fly
I will soar.

Below skies

Beside you
Waiting for the show
Cool of autumn reaches in
To find us still here
Staring at the skies
Waiting for stars
Like the drive-in universal movie
We are eager
For repeat showings
Of wonder and bliss.
The light sets slowly
Lowered to dusk
Then dark
And our heads touch
Feeling the warmth
Of a beautiful moment
Picked with care
Cherished with heart
And soul.