She who is gone

Days and years gone
She walked into the woods a child
Returning a shadow
Never been the same
And they say the goblins found her
Stealing her magic
Her laugh
And her eyes search the horizon
Looking for something
Of which she never says
But behind the green orbs
She doesn’t live there
She wandered the world alone
Looking for her treasure,
Finding bits of it along the way,
But it was never quite the same
As having it whole
Of knowing it was hers
She disappeared once more
Into the sky bird she flew
Leaving behind her pages
Her words,
Her reason and purpose
That no longer served,
The invisible map seen
Only by her eyes through the dreams
Leaving a mist
White tail feather she flies
And I don’t know if
I don’t know when
She may return
Or if she will find
Just what it is she’s looking for
The wizard to cast his spell
To set her free to capture
The soul that became
The shooting star
Through the icy land of cold,
Her ghost leaves a chill
The child girl I remember
She who is now gone.


Painted life

She sketches the ghost of a smile
Mirror reflection
Brush coaxed out
The beauty within.
She strokes on color
The palette littered
The colors of her emotion
Applied with loving care
To her blank canvas.
Age old selfie
In oils
Pigments transferred
To match the view
Of all she sees
And below the surface
That which is yet unnamed by her mind.
Still life of girl
Painted by woman
Who longs for the yesterday
Before the creases became
Part of the creation,
Before the browns turned grey,
To a time when youth was beauty
She does not see
That time changes nothing
Just slightly alters
The tones of paint,
Dulling them slightly
Peeling at edges
But still a masterpiece
To the trained eye.

Finding fate

Dark of night she slips by

unnoticed girl

feline companion they travel

in search of fate.

Her eyes the teacher of secrets,

hidden behind heart of steel,

she feels the strength in each step she takes,

on her way with destiny.

Come tomorrow she will be gone,

no visible sign of her passing

except sweet air of lilac

whispering of the life she has gone to find,

her name unknown to all but one.

Through the pain and suffering she has arrived,

willowy limbs steady, moving in the night ,

the stars her guide and the moon her keeper,

she finds the sunlight in forests,

she feeds on the rain of morning.

The girl I’ve known forever and a day,

if you see her pass give a nod of the head

and don’t watch to see where she goes,

as this road she must travel alone,

her beauty a vision,

her loyalty true

and if in her wake the lavender rises

It is her gift to you,

a remembrance of youth and freedom,

A taste of yesterday reborn.