Nature confetti

Sprinkled bits of yesterday
colors underfoot
She waits for the bite of cold
landing amongst the leaves
her thoughts like confetti falling down.
Not ready to say goodbye
as the feathers wave farewell in passing
and fading into the dull shades
of another passing day
where have you gone my hummingbird friend?
Vibrant splendor eludes
as the rain falls in haphazard fashion,
the show remains behind the curtain
and it feels as if intermission
has commenced too soon.
Where did you drift to sweet summer,
I grow weary of this season
Just beginning,
As the small vermin gather
Nuts for the winter to come
I sit and wait


And I sang

In the midst of the swirling water
I sat among the mermaids
And I sang to Neptune’s ghost
To take me in his arms
As the water crashed around me
I remained dry below the sun
Had he not heard
My siren call
Below in his bed
Comforted by the kelp and dolphins,
Did he sleep soundly
With sweet dreams surrounding
His old tired soul.
I slipped into the blue
Under skies clear and smiling
Amongst the flickers of color
I became one with the schools
Of sea babies swimming
Eyes that gazed knowing
The depths of my heart.
I sang the sounds of years
Of longing for this sea
The hymn of mermaids lost
I drifted on waves
Pulling me towards
The reef of Kings.
I felt the push from below
Raising me to the cresting throne
I am coming home.


He is the traveller
Across time and space
The protector
The warrior
The savior of dreams turned inside out
The unseen stranger.
He comes through darkness
In search of need
The sound of hooves
Carried on the wind,
He sees the need not often known
And enters
In strength
In power
He snares the evil
Leaving only gentleness behind
Like a rose found
It’s giver unknown.
He watches
He waits
Fearing nothing he races in,
His mighty steed
His only friend,
Saving her from the shadows
She awakes to the sun
With his kiss still warm upon her brow,
Leaving no other trace behind
He will return
Again someday
To save the maiden
From all that cause harm
That all who destroy
Her sweetest dreams,
To any who attempt to betray
Her unknown love
Patiently waiting,
Warrior of her nights.

Not my usual fare but thinking of warriors and things that go bump in the night. To the professor VJ Duke and Malctg for the inspiration