Entering a change

Broken leaves crack like gunshot
Beneath lumbering feet searching
Through restless forests silenced
By the coming of man.
White tails move away
Clipped paces too fast it seems for eyes that see
For thoughts that seek an end
To the burning questions bred
By indecision
And the hands of fate
That led him here.
Silver light flickers
As a hand held up to block the light
Entering shadows on the quest
To bring peace to the existence
Once lost here among
The hard woods and rot
And the fungus that marks decay
Turned to a pile of nothing
With the heel that kicked it away.
Clouds move in as winds come to call
The eclipse hours off
A change on its way
Where clarity will again take hold
And whisk the thoughts effortlessly away
And as the flies flicker about
Hovering like puppets,
They too will blow free with the wind,
The chorus of nature will once again rise up
To take their place,
And finish the music echoing
In this amazing fortress
Filled with the earths hypnotic grace
And tomorrow’s blessing will grab hold
As each tender step taken,
With eyes wide open to see
This peace at last
To be set free.

This moon turns the thoughts like a compost barrel, around and around and knowing that soon the great dark earth made under the sun each day will turn to itself and become all it is truly meant to be.
Beautiful image taken by my father.

Cutting words

Emotions move from light to dark
Words you say cut sharp like a knife
And I feel the weight
The venomous hate
And I think to myself
Walk on and away,
To step outside
The merry-go-round of life
A battle of ego
I cannot, will not relate
As this is beyond the fare of peace
And I cannot dwell
In the drama found there.
He came for me
In the depths of dreams
And I walked beside him
In a euphoric state
But the others came
With their hate filled lies
And I felt sad to be there
In this world where forgiveness is forgotten
And the pain is held too tightly
Like grasping the poisonous viper
I let it go
I set it free
And thus have found the well within me
Full to overflowing
The bounty of goodness
Washing over the evil
That I never understood.

Thoughts on why drama thrives on and the people who have forgotten that by forgiving others, they will save themselves and free themselves to find the peace they crave. Just meandering thoughts….thanks for listening my friends.

The heart of balance

Into the night the mind sweeps out

Cobwebs of yesterday

Fresh and new the soul lives

In the moment caught between

Here and now.

Silver light seen through haze

Hello my friend and welcome once again

To this moment of peace

Where the dividing line gets lost

And blessings protrude the hearts realm

And the whole of it all

Lays softly down in sleep and dreams

In lands where fireflies come again

Upon my shoulder gently lands

I am here

I have not forgotten

As I carry you through the spaces

Of a tear that falls in sweetest memories

I open my hand as your essence falls

To the earth once again

You are all around me in this place

You’ve come back full circle

And on my face the ashes

Of joy and love that can never be lost.

Into today

i had a story

As deep and mysterious as

A thousand nights


How many years had it been

Since I saw your face

Till photographs remind me

Of all I left behind.

These days filled with more

Letting go

Moving on

Loving more

Dreaming always

And I thought then of the words you wrote

Yellowed and folded

Childlike print

You were a sage of my yesterday

Now crumbling into the fire

I built of scattered thoughts

That will burn 

And I will walk away

In mirror image of you

But I will be better

Because I left it behind

On the path

To loving me. 


On the edges of your horizon

I followed you silently
listening to your dream
Hearing your words of the vision
Seeing in my mind
Each description
And I followed behind you
Taking each step
Happy to see your smile
And you looked at me unsure
And I could only walk silently
I stood on the edge of your horizon
Like a prophet you lay before me
All you wanted
All you desired
And I could not see
What it was that you saw
But only emptiness
Through swimming eyes
drowning and unclear
In sorrow
For to realize
That I could never truly see
Through your eyes
But could only believe
And share your joy
For it was your journey
And not mine to be had,
I had my own visions
Life through illusions and truths
Of happiness and light
I had come through the dark
Of understanding
Of fact
That I must stand at my own edge
That I cannot carry weight
On wings that are meant for air
For thoughts that are meant
For me to truly soar.

Photo found at http://hermiona1988.deviantart.com/art/Edge-of-the-world-2-137683846

Below skies

Beside you
Waiting for the show
Cool of autumn reaches in
To find us still here
Staring at the skies
Waiting for stars
Like the drive-in universal movie
We are eager
For repeat showings
Of wonder and bliss.
The light sets slowly
Lowered to dusk
Then dark
And our heads touch
Feeling the warmth
Of a beautiful moment
Picked with care
Cherished with heart
And soul.