A touch of words

Sweetest words caress
Letters falling off the page
Like rain mist soft and gentle
Soaking through
Parched skin.
Oils of life poured
Drop by drop
Scents of ages,
timeless in memory
Filling the soul with ease.
I whisper aloud
The foreign tongue of yesterday
Born of star dust and moonbeams
Brought to life by thought
And set down upon stone
Etched forever
Touching the soul
Simple history
Gentle like the sweetest caress
Of lavender across shoulders
Drawn in intoxicating
Fevered to love
Becoming one.

Path of illusion

You lead me down paths filled
Through slumber dreams of trees
We run wild at dusk
Weaving in and out
Desire left hidden
In blankets of blossoms.
I felt your hand caress my face
And I turned to find
Flowered branches brushing through
Silken strands of flowing hair.
Emptiness of a summer night
Calling out to the hollow echo
That returns to me unanswered
And I knew you were here
As your scent filled the air
Apple and lavender mixed
On the whisper of the wind
That left me alone
Yet comforted by the thought
Of your touch.

Thoughts on a dream I had….

Purple moods

The delicate Softest color
Like dusk on a tired soul
Lifted by the muse
Cared for by the mother.
The lavender and hydrangea
Suit the spirit
One from each
Gives the gift of words
And the soothing balm
Of a scent of life.
Sweet woman you cover me
With the warmth of your heart
Like petals raining down like tears
Falling down to join the dance
As a quiet wind sways
I remember the words you spoke
Of love and life
And my memory sits
As evening falls
Skies hue of comfort
Wrapping me in bliss
Of a sincere smile
Of heartfelt love.

Scented dream

Through gentle scent
The warm breeze trickles through
Finding me
Enticing me
When the path so clearly marked,
Lined in Violet shades
Lavender bowing down
To greet the feet that tread
Forward into the image
Of a thought.
I see the truth
And soul walks as if on air
Knowing that finally I see
Where I need to be
To continue the quest,
To be found
Under a sun so hot
Burning dreams lit
Come to me it speaks,
Fly to greet
The higher self,
Move to the rhythm
Of desires.

Finding fate

Dark of night she slips by

unnoticed girl

feline companion they travel

in search of fate.

Her eyes the teacher of secrets,

hidden behind heart of steel,

she feels the strength in each step she takes,

on her way with destiny.

Come tomorrow she will be gone,

no visible sign of her passing

except sweet air of lilac

whispering of the life she has gone to find,

her name unknown to all but one.

Through the pain and suffering she has arrived,

willowy limbs steady, moving in the night ,

the stars her guide and the moon her keeper,

she finds the sunlight in forests,

she feeds on the rain of morning.

The girl I’ve known forever and a day,

if you see her pass give a nod of the head

and don’t watch to see where she goes,

as this road she must travel alone,

her beauty a vision,

her loyalty true

and if in her wake the lavender rises

It is her gift to you,

a remembrance of youth and freedom,

A taste of yesterday reborn.