A touch of words

Sweetest words caress
Letters falling off the page
Like rain mist soft and gentle
Soaking through
Parched skin.
Oils of life poured
Drop by drop
Scents of ages,
timeless in memory
Filling the soul with ease.
I whisper aloud
The foreign tongue of yesterday
Born of star dust and moonbeams
Brought to life by thought
And set down upon stone
Etched forever
Touching the soul
Simple history
Gentle like the sweetest caress
Of lavender across shoulders
Drawn in intoxicating
Fevered to love
Becoming one.

Entering a change

Broken leaves crack like gunshot
Beneath lumbering feet searching
Through restless forests silenced
By the coming of man.
White tails move away
Clipped paces too fast it seems for eyes that see
For thoughts that seek an end
To the burning questions bred
By indecision
And the hands of fate
That led him here.
Silver light flickers
As a hand held up to block the light
Entering shadows on the quest
To bring peace to the existence
Once lost here among
The hard woods and rot
And the fungus that marks decay
Turned to a pile of nothing
With the heel that kicked it away.
Clouds move in as winds come to call
The eclipse hours off
A change on its way
Where clarity will again take hold
And whisk the thoughts effortlessly away
And as the flies flicker about
Hovering like puppets,
They too will blow free with the wind,
The chorus of nature will once again rise up
To take their place,
And finish the music echoing
In this amazing fortress
Filled with the earths hypnotic grace
And tomorrow’s blessing will grab hold
As each tender step taken,
With eyes wide open to see
This peace at last
To be set free.

This moon turns the thoughts like a compost barrel, around and around and knowing that soon the great dark earth made under the sun each day will turn to itself and become all it is truly meant to be.
Beautiful image taken by my father.

On the other side of reflections

She came to me in dreams
Telling me stories of days before and after
Words unheard for centuries
Falling like stars
And I gathered them up
Throwing them so high
Trying to get them home again
And she laughed.
You cannot return what is all around you,
Cannot fill voids where none exist,
It is in your mind
These darkened places,
See there,
That spark,
That light
It is of you.
She held out the mirror
And I saw flowers and brightness
And eyes looking back into mine
And I was that girl
Just older now
And she laughed.
You are all you are
It is enough
And it is beautiful
For you are not here really
You are just a snapshot once shown
Would seem to be blank
For those who cannot understand
Will never see
And she reached out her hand
Touching the glass
And came forth with a single diamond star
And I took it from her and felt the light
The entire universe I held
I felt the warmth of a hundred Suns
And knew I had found my spirit,
My home
And I laughed.

Photo found at: http://aloisa.altervista.org/ispirarsi-a-qualcosa-e-come-copiare/

The soul of light

Through years she moved
Through the thickness of a rain
Never ceasing its demand
To saturate with darkness
Like a wilderness night
Devoid of life.
As she grew the skies cleared
Like wipers on cars
Back and forth her world moved
From dark to grey
Then back
Until one day the sun seeped through
The cracks of her illusion allowing
To let something new in
And the rainbow appeared
And she sat in awe
The majesty before her
As she reached out and stole the soul
Afraid of losing this piece,
This bit of colored glow.
She went through her days
Colors locked in pockets
Lest they slipped out to escape.
But hidden away they could not be
What their purpose required and
Leaving her in darkness
When the rain came again
Moving the sun to moon
She reached in to demand
That changes must come
Only to find
Empty pockets.
Her color had gone
Leaving her bereft
So very sad and she asked the sky
As the tears mixed with rain
“Why have you allowed this?”
Where did it go she thought in her head,
For surely I had locked it away
I did not tell a soul
I did not want to share
As it is mine.
A wise bird came to rest in a puddle
Drinking and splashing
And looked at her like some birds do
And with a chirp spoke “you silly child,
It was never only yours” it is for the whole
For the big world of souls to share”
And she looked down deflated
As the words touched her within,
“Yes, my friend, you are so very right”
But she did not know what now to do,
And the bird spoke quietly
“Close your eyes and wish good on the world,
And share a joyful noise of laughter,
Dance because you can”
So she held her head high and let out a little giggle,
Yes, I can do this
Yet nothing happened
So she did it again, a bit louder this time
And through that crack a light shone
And she danced for joy at the sight
And more came pouring through
Mixing with water a rainbow appeared
As the bird flew up
Then disappeared,
So this is how to keep the light alive
This is how to share the soul of a rainbow
And then she spun around
Welcoming that love
The light
And so much more.

On the edges of your horizon

I followed you silently
listening to your dream
Hearing your words of the vision
Seeing in my mind
Each description
And I followed behind you
Taking each step
Happy to see your smile
And you looked at me unsure
And I could only walk silently
I stood on the edge of your horizon
Like a prophet you lay before me
All you wanted
All you desired
And I could not see
What it was that you saw
But only emptiness
Through swimming eyes
drowning and unclear
In sorrow
For to realize
That I could never truly see
Through your eyes
But could only believe
And share your joy
For it was your journey
And not mine to be had,
I had my own visions
Life through illusions and truths
Of happiness and light
I had come through the dark
Of understanding
Of fact
That I must stand at my own edge
That I cannot carry weight
On wings that are meant for air
For thoughts that are meant
For me to truly soar.

Photo found at http://hermiona1988.deviantart.com/art/Edge-of-the-world-2-137683846

Peace enters

The soul waits
Invisible receptacle open
Energy thrums like the ancient waves
Played millions of years
The beat like drums
Light comes to find
The lonely soul waiting
Long years passed and the energy
Slowly slipping
Eyes strain to see
Hands reach to touch
The warmth found
In a distant place.
Drifting dreams Echo
Like canyons of sand
Moving in the blowing wind
Blocking the sight
Swirling it comes to pass
Leaving a residue of dust
The ancient calling
Home again.

Holding light

I fell in love
With the soul of a universe
Holding its light
Like a million fireflies
In a jar
So,careful with the fragile bounty
Blinded by the miracle
Of it all.
I gave my dreams
Carried on a whispering wind
That fell soft upon the bed of leaves
That lay below your feet
And moved as you walked
Each step closer
To the heart.
I closed my eyes to imagine
The silver spectral light
Of your face in sleep
I touched the softness
The gentle spirit
the breath of peace
And caressed my dream
With beauty.

A toast for the muse

Words sent like confetti
Floating down to touch your hair
To cover you in love and light
Bits and pieces cut
From a heart of love.
Time moves fast
Like the cork that flies free
Excited to be a part
Of the celebration
Of you.
I raise a toast to brightest days
To laughter carried on wind,
I touch the sky and pluck a star
Letting it drift down
Into the cup of happiness
I drink to you.
I think of you often
When days grow dark
And times feel sad when you’re far away,
But today I give thanks
To you my sweetest friend,
And gift you with peace and blessings
Of sun on sand
And trees that dance on the wind
Just for you.
The muse sings sweetly
And the song so familiar
Leaves me touched
By this beautiful life
We truly live.


Whisper the winds
Of dreams desire
As fear lay so heavy
Behind your eyes,
Follow the song
The grasses sing
To the edge of tomorrow
Hung by a thread.
Whisper light through soft voices
The wishes of old
That they shall return
At the breaking of morn
And will find you there waiting
In strength will you stand
Embracing the bounty
Of this winter moon dance.
Come child run forward
Hold love in your hands
And let it be known from
The near and far lands,
I shall give you this moment
To choose high or low
And nudging you forward
Into life you will go,
With a lightness of heart
And past left behind
Under sun dappled skies
Your truth will arise
And cradle you gently
In memories song
Rocking on waves
To where you belong.


Roots spread
Tentacle fingers grasping
Searching for the darkness below
A place to burrow in
To claim earths soul.
Hands reaching upward
Ready to pluck
Each falling star that drifts down,
Icy like snowflakes
Falling on me
Dreams move in and out
Thoughts wrap like cotton batting
Round and round
Enveloping in a gentle sigh
In between days
In between worlds.
Up and down
As feet lift off solid ground
Dancing in the maelstrom
Spinning furiously
Laughter splits the air
Coyote yipping in the close distance
Life and death
And all that remains eternal