A touch of words

Sweetest words caress
Letters falling off the page
Like rain mist soft and gentle
Soaking through
Parched skin.
Oils of life poured
Drop by drop
Scents of ages,
timeless in memory
Filling the soul with ease.
I whisper aloud
The foreign tongue of yesterday
Born of star dust and moonbeams
Brought to life by thought
And set down upon stone
Etched forever
Touching the soul
Simple history
Gentle like the sweetest caress
Of lavender across shoulders
Drawn in intoxicating
Fevered to love
Becoming one.

Midnight escape

Moon full in the sky
Running wild through the midnight hour
Lace whips against the legs
Snared on reaching branches.
The voices they come closer
Must run and hide away.
I feel a hand reach out
Grabbing my arm
Quick, follow me the voice whispers
Softly, sweetly Against my ear
Down here
You will see ,
Hiding behind brush thick with thorns
I hear the voices
Moving in the distance
And breath moves in and out
So very heavy.
I listen for them
They do not come this way
And I feel your body behind me
Leaning against my back
As your hand runs softly through my hair,
You are safe here you speak
As your lips move next to mine,
I inhale the fragrance
Lilacs and sunshine,
I am safe now and relax for a moment
I turn to look into your face
Shrouded in the darkness
Shadowed but I know it well
As I have all of my life
In my dreams
You’ve come to me
At last.