Purple moods

The delicate Softest color
Like dusk on a tired soul
Lifted by the muse
Cared for by the mother.
The lavender and hydrangea
Suit the spirit
One from each
Gives the gift of words
And the soothing balm
Of a scent of life.
Sweet woman you cover me
With the warmth of your heart
Like petals raining down like tears
Falling down to join the dance
As a quiet wind sways
I remember the words you spoke
Of love and life
And my memory sits
As evening falls
Skies hue of comfort
Wrapping me in bliss
Of a sincere smile
Of heartfelt love.

Words into the air

She lifts me,
Her high wire words
Suspending me with buoyancy
I cannot fall
The air hangs with the cushion
Of beauty
To catch
To comfort
To buffer the unbalanced moment
Of air swirling
Like Walenda in a far off land
But to survive
To stand
Shake off the dust
Of snow that swirls about the soul
Blinded windows quiver
Nothing to see folks,
Move along,
But she will lift me
Through the winds that will rock
The ship on quiet waters
She will guide me
To smooth passages
Her verse a lighthouse
Her friendship an anchor
Keeping in check
Against the high tides.
Seasons spawn unease
And I will forge on
Blinded by the winter chill
Balanced precariously on a dream
I will tread with abandon,
I will fly
I will soar.

A toast for the muse

Words sent like confetti
Floating down to touch your hair
To cover you in love and light
Bits and pieces cut
From a heart of love.
Time moves fast
Like the cork that flies free
Excited to be a part
Of the celebration
Of you.
I raise a toast to brightest days
To laughter carried on wind,
I touch the sky and pluck a star
Letting it drift down
Into the cup of happiness
I drink to you.
I think of you often
When days grow dark
And times feel sad when you’re far away,
But today I give thanks
To you my sweetest friend,
And gift you with peace and blessings
Of sun on sand
And trees that dance on the wind
Just for you.
The muse sings sweetly
And the song so familiar
Leaves me touched
By this beautiful life
We truly live.


So very hard
Being far away
From your voice
Heard through the darkness
The light of the moon
Keeps you close
As does the touch
Of a star falling
Just a tiny glimpse
Of your rivers running.
If I heard you
In the depths of night
Calling my name
Would I recognize
The sister soul
The muse
Whose voice I have never heard.
Matters not
The logistics of here
Or there
As you are within me
Residing in the smile
I give to no one in particular
But seen through the beauty
Of love and light
And the piece of elegance
Hung on walls in dusty rooms
Loved by those who see
Through the faded glory
Of yesterday’s glimpses
Of another artist
But by the heart
That holds close
And loves
In understanding.

I think of friends not yet met, and the beauty they give me, the smiles lent when most needed and the universal thread of connection. The gift of this image she lent, graced the words I give in return inspired.

In flowered fields

She waits for me
In flowered fields
My friend sits there
Amongst the beauty
Of a gentle spring day.
She knows I will come
With the rays of the sun
Shining down
With quiet laughter
And a heart filled with joy.
She waits for me
Where the horizon meets sky
And the grasses blow
Swaying to the rhapsody
Of seasons moving
Here and there
She will find me there
Like a bee moving about
Dancing on the petal
Spreading life to the gardens
Alive with the warm air
Content in her presence.

A gift to my muse who wondered at my absence yesterday. Sending sunshine and daisies.

Beautiful muse

Sweet soul sister
Sunshine spills from your orb
Like Rays of light
Filling me with a place
Far away in my mind
Filled with peace and gentle warmth.
Sweet muse calling me
From the depths of each storm,
Through the darkest tunnel
The supreme light that flows.
Serene piercing joy
I am home in your words
In the beauty of each new day that comes
How the sunshine heals
Gathers me in the warm embrace
And carries me somewhere
Far from here.
Cold land ices left behind
Sand will blow gently
And the waves will sing their song
Dappled in sweetest glistening light.

Lady blue

Sitting below your azure skies
Crystal ball whispering
Of magical surprise,
Moon fever captured
Through starry eyes you gaze
Future lost in more blue.
Hue of water
Washing waves to your feet
Releasing your heart
To the mindless bliss
Peace and words flow
Through the river of your gentle soul
Tell me what the crystal speaks,
Does it fill your sleep with soft music,
Tones of the universe strumming
Lulling you to the rocking ocean,
Like a boat on water,
A soul skimming the surface
Of endless beauty.
Lady blue I hear your song,
Like a siren symphony
Gliding through
Pulling my strings
Child come soon
Home by the sea.

Angelic hill

She sits
Never shadowed by her surroundings
Slight smile to mark
Her inner peace
Maiden of the hills
She silently watches
The world move.
Smooth beauty
Under blues skies
She dreams of places
She knows someday she will see,
Her innocence brought forth
Chiseled in time
A piece of the space
She is part of
Stone from earth
Angel of the heart.

Sleeping muse

Such beauty to behold
The words like song
Whispers of the mind
The muse she calls
To send spirit of verse
To bring me a smile.
She waits sleeping
Curled perhaps with her cat,
Her side of the universe
A world away,
Waiting patiently
For the thoughts and images
That never seem to have end,
That flow
Like a bottomless ocean.
I hear the musical lilt
To the spoken words
Through dreams she laughs
Childlike as she plays
Beyond the glass
In the dying remnants of summer sun,
I wave hello
And tread down the stairs
Into the surrounding skies
On the breeze we move

Somewhere (to friends)

I picture you
Far away
Letting your heart spill onto paper
Folded neatly and tucked
Into the small envelope
Sitting at your desk
As you ponder sadness
Through the view of the window
I see you beautiful,
A smile tilting your mouth
As you recall a story,
An anecdote
Of your days,
Locked in the world
Far far from here.
I close my eyes
Wondering where your mind drifted to
As you told me of heartbreak
Of joy
And of the gifts that life brings,
And I feel as if I’ve known you
For forever and a day,
And I think of the words
Written on pretty paper
And I wonder if you know,
Just how much joy
You give me on dark days,
Just how much words mean
When the heart craves all things good
And the envelope flies
To land at my feet
Another white feather sent
From the bird that flies free
In the sky above.