Love sent

Piecing together elements,

Words and sentences from so long ago

Give illusions life to mind

Another place

Another time,

Spent with ink stained hands

Penning letters to be sent

Across seas and oceans deep

To lands unknown,

Yet only dreamed

In a child’s eyes

Letters sent with love.

Take care and God speed

And all good blessings in between

Where your travels sent you,

Young men to wars

On desolate beaches and sandy shores,

Remember those whose ghost remains

A hundred years gone

Where do those names reside now?

On ledgers faded and yellowing pages

And bow tied stacks

Tucked away

In case he comes back,

Yet fragrance lingers

Of rose petals and crumbling sage

Remembrances of passion

And sun filled garden days

Who were you my friend

Whose life was gone

Long before it ever began,

And is she there to see you through

In the light of stars

Dancing again at the ball,

Where she gave you her hand

And love had been all.

Between words

What is it
This emptiness that lies between words
In the spaces filled with something,
The language of breath
And formation of the body movement,
Palpable in its nothingness
Yet so deeply heard.
Reaching for the sky
Locked in the senses
Each one whole
Silence not broken by the sound
Of words thick with meaning
Underlying and known thoughts
To let it go into the wind,
Slip away beneath the surface
Watching it drown in its self
Rising strong above
Warrior carries the burden
Alone to stand
Undisturbed by the pull
Of a need,
Letting the sorrow go
Of the need to control,
To fix,
To make it all better,
Hands open to the coming
Of love undeniable.

The end of innocence

As the solitary fish swished in the plastic bag
Keeping tempo with her walk
Tap tap in heat of a summer day
No mercy when young love is the prize.
He holds her hand and smiles shyly
Leaning down kissing her sweetly
And she knows this moment is making her heart
Burst out of her chest where it lays trapped
Like the Orange fish in the bag
And feeling so alive,
The glow from within she feels grow inside
And she looks around to see who may bear witness
To this, her crowning moment
Her first love.
Days pass into night and swimming creatures
Not meant for such things
As love and fairs and heat
And the tap-tap of the bag against a young girls leg
And life moves forward like an accidental dead fish in a bag
And she cries a bit to see her little prize lost
And her heart breaks more so
When she sees the big prize gone,
Swimming away on the midway current
Lost to a prettier livelier fish.
She goes home alone then
And she sits in her room
Watching as the trucks carry her memories out-of-town
Broken down and lights shuttered
The smell of cotton candy and sweetness
Now hanging stale in the air.
Trucks rumble by in the night before dawn
Into the darkness and through town they roll.
An empty dresser but for
The glass jar sitting empty and creatureless,
But she knows someday it too will be full again
With splashing eyes and her mermaid dreams
Of the prizes out there to be won
And the trucks that left will back around
Setting up to begin again
But she will be wiser
Not giving so freely
Knowing she must work harder and harder
To build the inner fire
To believe in what truly is
Her radiant beauty lit from within.
To win the prize,
To be the victor of the game
That in her heart of hearts
She will be the one to win.

Silly thoughts from my youth and the realization that fish don’t live long in a ziplock bag in ninety degree heat and that love takes work, not just a single toss of a ball or prick of a dart and that with age always comes the wisdom that she is her own prize and to cherish her worth always.
Peace and blessings, K

Into today

i had a story

As deep and mysterious as

A thousand nights


How many years had it been

Since I saw your face

Till photographs remind me

Of all I left behind.

These days filled with more

Letting go

Moving on

Loving more

Dreaming always

And I thought then of the words you wrote

Yellowed and folded

Childlike print

You were a sage of my yesterday

Now crumbling into the fire

I built of scattered thoughts

That will burn 

And I will walk away

In mirror image of you

But I will be better

Because I left it behind

On the path

To loving me. 


The Neptune affair

Maybe it was the eyes
So deep and searching
She moved over him like a wave
Carelessly brushing against
The hair of his leg
Reaching past him
He caught his breath
Muscles tense
Yet fluid.
Maybe it was his words
Speaking with the soft southern drawl
“You’re dangerous” he said quietly with a smile
“I think not” she whispered back laughingly.
With a smile she swam back
Her corner of her shrine
Turquoise waters covering
What his eyes were seeking,
“You’re not like anyone else,
The way you talk,
The words you speak”
She shrugged her shoulders gently
Looking to him with raised brows
“I use the words that suit”
Was her only reply.
“Women I know would not talk like that” he said
as his hands made tiny waves in the water,
Nervous energy moving slowly.
She swam back across the blue
Ripples moving the warm waters
Like the Red Sea parting
She came close
And watched
Not speaking
As he shifted positions to be closer.
“You’re smart, your big words, your refined elegance”
She leaned back into the water
Hair cascading down her back
Black and slick like a whip,
“It is who I am, I can be no other”
She moved away again
Watching his gaze move up and down
As if entranced by her mermaid tail
Invisible to all
But him.
She lifted herself out
To the concrete shelf
As her scales slid way
Leaving softness and the lair
Of a woman who embraced her core,
She knew her power,
She felt his undoing.
She rose to leave and felt him beside her,
Reaching for her, his hand gentle on her shoulder
She felt her soul shivering in the night air,
“Ah Neptune my love, tis time to depart”
And she moved a few steps away to leave.
Gathering her treasures,
Yet realizing she had left one behind
Silently walked back to the man who waited.
She could feel his eyes in the darkness
Searing into her soul
As he gathered her so close
She rested her face to his neck
Felt his muscles quiver,
She could taste the salt
The warmth of his shoulder,
She closed her eyes and wished for but a moment
As her lips brushed his sweetly,
Her hands dropped to their side
Hands empty,
“Your treasure is not mine” she said
As a tear fell from her eyes,
“Ah but no fear my beauty, this gift will remain in my mind
Until my dying day” and he kissed her hand
And released her to the wind.
She did not look back,
She could not stay in this moment,
Her heart had journeys to go
And maybe someday perhaps,
They would find each other once more
Under a dying moon
Immersed in warm pools
Of a memory.

Here now

Before me a dream
Mirage of beauty fills
The soul with joy
And you stood there
Like a wish fulfilled.
In your arms I touched
The simple softness
The love like silk
The warmth consumes.
Below stars we sat
And the fire burned down
As the minutes fell away
Like the words spoken
Whispers in the night
Lovers entwined.
The skin so sensitive
Ripples of need move
Raising the awareness
Of humanity’s desire
Lost in your eyes
Locked to the smile
Breathing in your scent
And drifting away
Into the here and now.

Love waiting

Far away
Her thoughts dimmed memory
He was there for a moment
She turned to find him
Now gone.
She waited
Patience a friend
Where love seeks to be found
Dressed for the moment
That never comes.
He has slipped away
Into the darkness
His yesterday
Following destiny
He turned away.
She knows he will once more return
As each time before
Her spell woven upon the air
When his gaze fell to watch
Each breath she took.
He comes at night
As she sits smiling
Knowingly she beckons
Come, return to me
And he is lost once more
In the passion and love
Of the mistress of his dream.


In this moment there is
A step off of the carousel
That is you.
In this second there is a clarity
Like each time before
Day after day
The circle turns
Like a distant song remembered
Of watching the wheels
But they do only that,
Go round and round
And when the tread slips
They wobble so unsure
And then it is the role
Protector to hang on
Or to let go,
To let lessons be learned
And as the heart dies just a bit more
With the knowing of the pain,
The mind logically says
It will be okay
Let it be
Let it go
Set it free.
The hardest lessons
Knowing the path to take
And the knowing
Yet being yet again held back
To trust foolishly
And once more to be sidelined
By the coach who doesn’t want to know
The rules are there for reasons,
The narcissist feels not the application,
Just the succumbing once more
Of the subversive
Waiting to rise
To be heard.


You walked away as I stood by the window,

we had been talking as she walked by,

the beautiful one

bouncing long curly hair,

her perfect body

her perfect smile

and I watched you

as you watched her

and the look in your eyes spoke volumes

that did not need to be uttered,

it was enough.

you walked away to catch up to her

leaving me looking in the mirror

at the reflection,

no beautiful hair

no supermodel body

but in the mind

the truth was there,

I too could walk away now and not look back

as life wasn’t about you anymore

or what I thought was love,

life was about being good enough for me

for being strong enough to let you go

to know I was worth more

than you would ever know.

I looked out the window with a slight smile,



I am not her

I am me

and that is all that matters.

goodbye I whispered to the empty room,

closing the door

I walked away head held high.