Water and clay

Change brings about the falling
Ice turning to rain sliding away into the dirt,
Muddy clay that sticks to the soul
To the hands that dig for truth
In the passing of a thought
Led silently astray.
The gentle movement of time
As it lays shining like glass
Broken on the pavement
Of just another day
Wrecked by the mind that grows weary
As thought betrays with energy
And a starseed awakens to words on pages
Dust to dust
Filters through the furnace
Sucked in to the pipe
Of eternity.
White coats cold
Fingers tight throbbing
Holding the light
Trying to see
That which will keep safe
Coyote dreams of death
As the scorpion goes forward
The journey known from its being
It’s destiny of destruction
If taunted into the sting
The memory brings.
I see the beauty yet feel apart
From silver drops that fall flat
Smashed to pieces
Caught up on boats made of leaves
And I whisper to the bitter wind
Coming home was all she said.

Beautiful art found at : http://krishay-moehr.artistwebsites.com/index.html

Cutting words

Emotions move from light to dark
Words you say cut sharp like a knife
And I feel the weight
The venomous hate
And I think to myself
Walk on and away,
To step outside
The merry-go-round of life
A battle of ego
I cannot, will not relate
As this is beyond the fare of peace
And I cannot dwell
In the drama found there.
He came for me
In the depths of dreams
And I walked beside him
In a euphoric state
But the others came
With their hate filled lies
And I felt sad to be there
In this world where forgiveness is forgotten
And the pain is held too tightly
Like grasping the poisonous viper
I let it go
I set it free
And thus have found the well within me
Full to overflowing
The bounty of goodness
Washing over the evil
That I never understood.

Thoughts on why drama thrives on and the people who have forgotten that by forgiving others, they will save themselves and free themselves to find the peace they crave. Just meandering thoughts….thanks for listening my friends.

The dying season

Where the grass met the mound
thick clay dirt covering
cold below the warmth of sun
casting shadows
on life now gone.
Digging deep to place
the soul of season passed
winter to spring
and I feel alone
once again.
Daffodils fading placed upon
the thick stone covering open eyes
that no longer see
and I can still smell the essence
on my hands as I carried you,
your fragrance of sadness
of sickness and forever sleep,
or perhaps is it my fear
the scent of another goodbye.
The Jonquil grows higher
each passing day moves us
to sun rise and set
towards our calling to come
to be part of the earth
to be in the cycle
revolving around
to return once more.
Yet where the grass met the mound
like cracked earth exposed
I see your place
from here to second base
and your sister lies at first
and I stand here at home
watching the final run
as we tried to outrun the touch
the grasp of death,
sliding into the wet dirt tagged,
game over
and I am sadly

Thoughts on losing two of my cat companions within a month of each other and seeing their stone resting place like a baseball game. Moxie on first, Meep on second and I have erased third just because home is where we all want to be and I am tired of this field.

Peace enters

The soul waits
Invisible receptacle open
Energy thrums like the ancient waves
Played millions of years
The beat like drums
Light comes to find
The lonely soul waiting
Long years passed and the energy
Slowly slipping
Eyes strain to see
Hands reach to touch
The warmth found
In a distant place.
Drifting dreams Echo
Like canyons of sand
Moving in the blowing wind
Blocking the sight
Swirling it comes to pass
Leaving a residue of dust
The ancient calling
Home again.

Star sister climbing

She seeks her new horizons
Beyond the stars she gazes
Her feet rushing forward
Steps turn into a faster run
Flying she soars
Finding her tomorrow.
Dying to herself
Before the day she’s born
Lost in silver clouds
She moves effortlessly now.
Seeking the eternal sunshine
That turned her eyes so green
Running free I see
The vision as I close my eyes
Lost in silent reverie
I miss the friend
No longer still
Flying away
She has found
What she had looked for
The place among stars
Her sisters of the cosmos
Her mother of the shining moon
I turn away alone
Better for having known
But sad for the emptiness
That now remains.

Letting go

And here it was
As I waited for you
Feeling the fear, the ball that suffocates
Inching upward
To the throat
Would you return
As cold air feels beyond the glass
And you were out there
Fumbling weakly
Being yourself
Living your life
Would I do it
Let you go to face for a moment
For how long?
When do,I begin to search
For you..
This world alone calls
As your days draw
To a close and your body
So frail fights
To be yourself
One last time to be
I open the door and watch
As you limp silently forth
Being you
Breathing the air
And I feel it
This sadness within
As I want to hold you
To keep you close
To watch you
To be with you
And I cannot save you yet…
I need to be there
As that final breath comes
When it is just enough
And you let go
And I let go
And all that remains….

And cherished memories.

My cat is in failing health…and I believe he wants to be with his buddy Zip who left us just a few short years ago…but it gets so hard…to let him do his thing, to let him go…to let him be happy in these his final days. Keeping watch with no control, except the faith that someone is waiting out there to take him home. His name is Meep “fat squishy” but no longer fat…just getting by but loved and still spoiled.

Deserted love

So long ago these faded memories
How she ran away so many years ago
Away from the love that was dead
Carrying her burden on her hip
Flying to the desert place
Where tiny houses lay so very close
And picket fences kept the border
In check.
To find the love she thought was waiting.

The child plays on the red dusty earth
Green soldiers forms of plastic men
Rolling in the dirt
Riding the truck that was missing the wheel,
Not quite whole.
Cigarette smoke and voices drift
Through open windows
Laughing and happy
Then tears and harsh words took over.
The sky burned brightly and a day passed
Before flying the metal bird
Back in time to that other place,
Where love did not exist.

And the child played once more
In grasses green
Where blue skies floated peaceful
Above her head,
And she talked to the birds
To the animals she found
And she knew that this was not her place,
And she searched the night sky for stars
And the moon would whisper to her
And she then knew what love was,
Open and limitless
Like the night sky,
She knew that her coming was for something,
For someone else,
But that she too had to learn
Why she arrived in this time,
In this place.
She was a piece in this adult puzzle,
Where so many pieces lay missing
Leaving it up to her to find
The missing ones that would make things whole,
That would bring to completion
The perfect image.

Thoughts on broken marriages and seen through the eyes of a two year old child that still remembers even forty five years later the images as if it were yesterday.