Between words

What is it
This emptiness that lies between words
In the spaces filled with something,
The language of breath
And formation of the body movement,
Palpable in its nothingness
Yet so deeply heard.
Reaching for the sky
Locked in the senses
Each one whole
Silence not broken by the sound
Of words thick with meaning
Underlying and known thoughts
To let it go into the wind,
Slip away beneath the surface
Watching it drown in its self
Rising strong above
Warrior carries the burden
Alone to stand
Undisturbed by the pull
Of a need,
Letting the sorrow go
Of the need to control,
To fix,
To make it all better,
Hands open to the coming
Of love undeniable.

Always more

The need within
Looking in the mirror
A body unmoving
Need to move out of this
This thought
To be free and fluid
To feel the body moving
Slow and languid
Stretching to capture
The world around.
Thoughts closed tight
Gazing into the eyes that see
All that needs to be
The words that come forth
To self
I love you more.
More than what has been
More than what is at this moment,
Memories of laughter and self-awareness
The knowledge of what must be
To live alive.
Smiling at self
Through tired eyes
Changing thought patterns
To what will be
Readjust the attitude to match
Tomorrows vision
I love you more will be.

On days when so very tired and hopeless, I find jump starting myself the best way to feel worthy and alive, self love moves me to be better , to be whole.

Fine things

Under a balmy sun filled sky
They came together
The variety of people
Quiet to boisterous
Beautiful to amazing,
A day of those who see
Of those that believe.
Feeling quite out-of-place
Thinking this is not for me
Not good enough
I do not belong
Amongst the fine ones present,
I was mere comfy diner fare,
Not gourmet by far
And he came to me
Arms wide open
And eyes alive
Soul on fire
And a smile that called for ray bans.
Suddenly seeing that I was so wrong
That this is where I needed to be,
The words all I needed to absorb,
Like platters of the finest cheese
Sips of the light to hearty wine
A place that became home
For too short of time.
Energy coursed through
The once tired and weary soul,
Greeting the sun
Chasing a nap afraid to miss
One single moment
Of this island bliss.
Walking and talking
Laughter and tears
But the beautiful friends created there,
Plane carried away
Far from the sun
Back to the ice
Back to the plain.
But something so magical happened
Between that first day and now
I see the faces
Photographs and lovely memories
And I am not alone,
And I am beautiful
And I am the finer things
I had desired,
All along deep within
Set free like the drawn out cork
And I flow free
In peace and love
As I wash down the last little drop,
More please from the bottle
Of never-ending happiness.
Cheers to the days
Sweet memory replays
And I shall drink to that.

To one of the first friends I met on my way to discover what lay below and most importantly uncovering what lay within. To Appio in deepest appreciation.


I wait with anticipation
eager to see your words
to hear your story
to picture the you I think of
the way you smile
what makes you happy
what makes you sad.
I read the words
emotions spread like
blood turned to ink
and I see something there
so unexpected,
these words you speak
could have come from me
could have been said by me,
the ultimate mirror
we all possess this
and how we think we are unique,
that no one else can possibly know,
could come close to feel
and the simple fact is
we are all so very connected,
through the good
and through the bad,
how we wonder aloud at
the voices in our head
as we stare out the window
at what is our life
and come to conclusions
that together we overcome
that together we are as one.

To choose

I open my eyes to the darkest morning
Laying relaxed
Muscles at ease
As mind rushes through
Thoughts of a day
Before me.
I choose to be happy
To smile and believe,
I choose to let go
Of all that doesn’t suit me,
Like peeling off layers of clothes
That weigh you down
On movement from cold to warm.
I choose to be thankful
Of this life
This moment it will move through,
My segments paved
With good intention
And I will rise up
And look squarely in the glass
At the reflection before me
And I will be beautiful
And I will be free
Of others choices
For that is theirs
And theirs alone.
I choose my path
With clear intent,
That in this place
In this moment
Someday I will return
And I will awake
As I do each morning
And I choose to say
Thank you to the sun, moon and stars
For blessing me
With this that is right
And I choose to hold my arms out to the sky
And be comforted with an ocean breeze
As I fly away home
I choose this.

Morning thoughts knowing this place will be far behind me in a few hours, and that I will be home and that really, home is where my happiness resides, home is my heart and my mind no matter where my feet touch down.


I am in the meadow and I dance
like a beautiful vision
I spin
I whirl like a feather
that floats along on the wind
moving back and forth
with a simple abandon
I dance.
I laugh to the world
being free of bounds
of limiting beliefs and I know
this is what true freedom
is for my soul,
this is what life is
for the one who did not see.
He plays his flute
or plucks his strings
and the music so lovely
I reach out a hand to touch
the moment in my memory
as if it were never really there
as if it were a dream
that cannot come to fruition.
I walk in the grass
I am free
I am one with the vision
of peace.

Finding fate

Dark of night she slips by

unnoticed girl

feline companion they travel

in search of fate.

Her eyes the teacher of secrets,

hidden behind heart of steel,

she feels the strength in each step she takes,

on her way with destiny.

Come tomorrow she will be gone,

no visible sign of her passing

except sweet air of lilac

whispering of the life she has gone to find,

her name unknown to all but one.

Through the pain and suffering she has arrived,

willowy limbs steady, moving in the night ,

the stars her guide and the moon her keeper,

she finds the sunlight in forests,

she feeds on the rain of morning.

The girl I’ve known forever and a day,

if you see her pass give a nod of the head

and don’t watch to see where she goes,

as this road she must travel alone,

her beauty a vision,

her loyalty true

and if in her wake the lavender rises

It is her gift to you,

a remembrance of youth and freedom,

A taste of yesterday reborn.