I wore the shirt
Softest plaid
Long before
Kurt made it cool,
On days when the poison
Coursed through my veins
Sleeves rolled up
As the needle dripped
Red like Kool-Ade.
I wore the shirt
On summer nights
Laying on the carpet
Listening to the words
Laughing with friends
Beer flowed like water.
I wore the shirt
When a princess died
Drinking coffee
Watching with tears
I wiped on my shoulder
Wrapped like a blanket
Comforting me.
I wore this shirt
As I walked the lonely street
doc Martens making no sound
In the darkness where I belonged
To the night and the neon,
I wore this shirt
As they covered him with dirt
I walked away
Feeling old and worn
Like this tattered shirt
I wear today
Thirty years gone by
A hole here and there
And I wouldn’t have it
Any other way
Because the familiar can soothe
Can raise a soul above
Yesterday and a memory.