Here now

Before me a dream
Mirage of beauty fills
The soul with joy
And you stood there
Like a wish fulfilled.
In your arms I touched
The simple softness
The love like silk
The warmth consumes.
Below stars we sat
And the fire burned down
As the minutes fell away
Like the words spoken
Whispers in the night
Lovers entwined.
The skin so sensitive
Ripples of need move
Raising the awareness
Of humanity’s desire
Lost in your eyes
Locked to the smile
Breathing in your scent
And drifting away
Into the here and now.


Through the landscape of darkness
pierced by the occasional light
the distance shrouded in a mist
travelling the space
between here and tomorrow.
Silence my companion
I hum a gentle tune from
a memory of my youth
and tales of the death of a star
fallen and fading away
and the lines move before me
one after another
and I know I will get there
The gentle sun will rise
to greet me with a kiss of light
maybe pinks and yellows
or perhaps clouded with a passing storm
no matter I move
forward as I know no other way
to reach a destination
to find my way home.
Internal beacon calls
like the beat of a heart
faster then slowing
then silent for but a moment
gone she whispers
and flies away on wings unseen
into the moment
that once again passed
like a roadmarker site
except for by those who remember
and care.