Sun day morning dog

Rising on the horizon
Sweet morning light comes to find
Lazy dog time spent
Gathering comfort.
Paws damp from grasses
Slick and glistening
Waiting for streaking light
To dry the clover
And I sip my coffee
Silver mug holds warmth for hands
Feeling fall with temps too low
Is it nap time they hear the call
Basking in the line
Of light.


She rises on skies
Gentle like sheets on a summer morning
Thrown aside to lift
To rise up
And move through the day
In silken subtlety
Flowing past moments
That are left behind
As the day slips into
The edge of night.
He greets her on high
A quiet presence patient
To her lingering
As she hangs on not yet ready
To slide down
Back into slumber
She toys with hide and seek
Sitting on the edge
Almost beyond view
Yet still shedding her light
Over and through the forest
And he grows so large
Ready to take his place
The heir of night
He stands proud
And with a wink and backward glance
She bids adieu
And sets him free.

Lavender skies

Distant storm filters
Light through lavender skies
As he waits somewhere beyond
The memory of yesterday.
Images of moments
Slipping between dreams
Restless she moves reaching out
To feel the emptiness
Of this space of silence.
Winds break the quiet
As rain hits glass
Waves of shudders fill him
As he remembers her scent
And somewhere she waits
In quiet contemplation
Of love denied.
Like the moon rising to touch
The fading light of sun
Moments that will come undone
When United for but a second
A heart will still beat
As it views
The surrender of another day
And they will move forward
To their destination
Held by invisible thread
As the universe conspires
To live the dream.

A toast for the muse

Words sent like confetti
Floating down to touch your hair
To cover you in love and light
Bits and pieces cut
From a heart of love.
Time moves fast
Like the cork that flies free
Excited to be a part
Of the celebration
Of you.
I raise a toast to brightest days
To laughter carried on wind,
I touch the sky and pluck a star
Letting it drift down
Into the cup of happiness
I drink to you.
I think of you often
When days grow dark
And times feel sad when you’re far away,
But today I give thanks
To you my sweetest friend,
And gift you with peace and blessings
Of sun on sand
And trees that dance on the wind
Just for you.
The muse sings sweetly
And the song so familiar
Leaves me touched
By this beautiful life
We truly live.

Beautiful muse

Sweet soul sister
Sunshine spills from your orb
Like Rays of light
Filling me with a place
Far away in my mind
Filled with peace and gentle warmth.
Sweet muse calling me
From the depths of each storm,
Through the darkest tunnel
The supreme light that flows.
Serene piercing joy
I am home in your words
In the beauty of each new day that comes
How the sunshine heals
Gathers me in the warm embrace
And carries me somewhere
Far from here.
Cold land ices left behind
Sand will blow gently
And the waves will sing their song
Dappled in sweetest glistening light.

Scented dream

Through gentle scent
The warm breeze trickles through
Finding me
Enticing me
When the path so clearly marked,
Lined in Violet shades
Lavender bowing down
To greet the feet that tread
Forward into the image
Of a thought.
I see the truth
And soul walks as if on air
Knowing that finally I see
Where I need to be
To continue the quest,
To be found
Under a sun so hot
Burning dreams lit
Come to me it speaks,
Fly to greet
The higher self,
Move to the rhythm
Of desires.

Dreaming awake

White sand spilled
From blue skies on high
Picture perfect moment
I will wait for you.
Running forward to embrace
The sights and sounds
The sand packed hard beneath the feet
Wetness lends itself
To signs I left behind
Follow the prints to the heart.
I will wait
While water washes clear
The path I take to arrive here,
With a wave and a smile
Below an endless scene
Beauty waits for us to join,
Slipping away
Dreaming awake.


Moving through the night

in search of the morning sun,

rippled fields lead on

to 27 degrees between night and light.

Cool fog gives way

colored movement

through life and dreams,

between sleep and waking

the sun lumbers its way into the blue.

Ghost of a noon day sun,

daydream landscape

pulling me out to air crisp

cloudless fresh

ripples move me

once more

through the prison of mind

to the freedom beyond the window.

Prism thoughts of everyday memories.

City of sea

She lives in colors

in the city of the sea,

crayola shades a vibrant hue

nestled besides her love.

The waves knock daily

her ears strain to hear the sound as they call

come sweet friend,

swim in the blues

where the sun meets the water,

float along and dream

your greatest hearts desire.

She lives in pretty boxes

stacked neatly by the sand

and calls to the ocean at night

as sleep moves her rocking

so gently the waves sway

back and forth

lullaby of salt and sea,

she feels alive here

as nowhere else,

beneath the stars she closes her eyes

and slips away into her dream

in her lemon room

she sleeps deep,

comforted by the sounds of natures silence

broken only by a tiny wave.

photo found on: fineartamerica