A touch of words

Sweetest words caress
Letters falling off the page
Like rain mist soft and gentle
Soaking through
Parched skin.
Oils of life poured
Drop by drop
Scents of ages,
timeless in memory
Filling the soul with ease.
I whisper aloud
The foreign tongue of yesterday
Born of star dust and moonbeams
Brought to life by thought
And set down upon stone
Etched forever
Touching the soul
Simple history
Gentle like the sweetest caress
Of lavender across shoulders
Drawn in intoxicating
Fevered to love
Becoming one.

The peace field

I don’t know why it was
As I stood in that field of summer
Feeling the sun on my shoulders
And hearing the music as my tribe gathered,
There came to me a sense of peace
A sense that I had been here before
And my mind spoke softly
“No, this is not true” to my soul
Who shrugged it off with mirth,
“You know better my friend”, my soul countering
And I listened to the words
Going back and forth
And I thought this does not matter,
That is neither here nor there,
But now is the moment we are in
And the voices fell silent.
I don’t know why
As I stood in that field
Feeling breathless and free
How I came to be here,
I remember laughing out loud
And seeing the faces peer up at me
As if questioning my joy
But I was not ready yet,
Not to let them in
To share this moment,
This feeling,
In this grass that tickled my feet
And the sound of the bees buzzing
That seemed to grow louder
Their concert of summer and flowers,
Their movement from one to another
And I plucked a small purple clover
Twirling it between my fingers,
I walked to the water’s edge
Feeling the mist of the waterfall beyond
Almost non existent on the breeze,
I dropped the flower into the ripples
And watched it move down stream
Quietly until it was gone
And turning I looked up at the clouds
And to the sun above
Thinking to myself,
This is it,
Another perfect moment to remember
Another perfect moment once again.

About a dream

Somewhere on the edge of waking
Where the eyes see meager light through
Relaxed movement of lids
Distorted dreams come calling
Enlarged and all around
Illusionary tales
Left me quite bereft.
Believing in the scenes
To tell me which way up
Brought round to once more
Perhaps once again let down.
Who moves these signs
Chaos obscures the truth
So to be strong
To keep on carrying on
Through filters I will see
The truth
Shall be
Set free.

Photo by : Haerang. Facebook evolver social movement

Lady blue

Sitting below your azure skies
Crystal ball whispering
Of magical surprise,
Moon fever captured
Through starry eyes you gaze
Future lost in more blue.
Hue of water
Washing waves to your feet
Releasing your heart
To the mindless bliss
Peace and words flow
Through the river of your gentle soul
Tell me what the crystal speaks,
Does it fill your sleep with soft music,
Tones of the universe strumming
Lulling you to the rocking ocean,
Like a boat on water,
A soul skimming the surface
Of endless beauty.
Lady blue I hear your song,
Like a siren symphony
Gliding through
Pulling my strings
Child come soon
Home by the sea.

Sleeping muse

Such beauty to behold
The words like song
Whispers of the mind
The muse she calls
To send spirit of verse
To bring me a smile.
She waits sleeping
Curled perhaps with her cat,
Her side of the universe
A world away,
Waiting patiently
For the thoughts and images
That never seem to have end,
That flow
Like a bottomless ocean.
I hear the musical lilt
To the spoken words
Through dreams she laughs
Childlike as she plays
Beyond the glass
In the dying remnants of summer sun,
I wave hello
And tread down the stairs
Into the surrounding skies
On the breeze we move

She sings

Sing to me the song
Of beauty and vision
And oils that run
Like the rays of the sun,
Moving into
The flashes above
Of a star that falls
To your feet
In awe and love
Of the moon.
Sing to me the song
Of summers fairest bloom
Of petals soft
Like silk that slides
Off shoulders beneath
A setting day
Moving beyond horizons
Into a quiet dusk.
Sing to me a song
Of your heart,
Of your soul
And I will capture your voice,
The sweetest birds song,
The loveliest piece
Ever heard
And release it to the sky
To let the universe stand
And listen
To beauty’s magnificent serenade.

Dreaming awake

White sand spilled
From blue skies on high
Picture perfect moment
I will wait for you.
Running forward to embrace
The sights and sounds
The sand packed hard beneath the feet
Wetness lends itself
To signs I left behind
Follow the prints to the heart.
I will wait
While water washes clear
The path I take to arrive here,
With a wave and a smile
Below an endless scene
Beauty waits for us to join,
Slipping away
Dreaming awake.


She gifts me with words
Tinged with the softness
Of a lamb,
Hand stitched with heart
Sewn with friendship.
The thread of the universe
That ties one to another,
Life so sweet
So precious,
Of the things to hold dear to,
Small gifts of gratitude
On an everyday thought
And simple thank you’s
Just because
You make me smile.