Like falling waters

Places of the heart
between the trees of memories
stands the home of falling waters
rushing back to carry me
through endless dreams of beauty
and visions of peace swirling through.
I know of you here
in this place where ghosts know secrets
the heart has shared
in sleep and waking I walk
amongst the ashes of yesterday
searching for answers
to questions buried in shallow ground,
amongst the rocks underneath my feet,
carelessly flipped up
to expose the earth below.
I place them one by one,
to build my path across the stream
and balance perfected
I venture slowly across
with tomorrow in my sights
leaving the echo of loneliness behind,
I come to receive a drink
silky transluscent blues
of clear joy and light
that falls from heights above,
rippling down the face of stone
to carry me away
back home.

A house I’ve always connected with since when I was younger studying the beautiful forms of architecture, this place calls to me like no other before and no other after.

And I

Loved you like thoughts that run
Flowing like the coolest water
Cascading across my brow
Sending shivers to my senses.
And I sat with eyes closed and I
Ran images of each moment
Every stolen kiss
And the color of your eyes
Like the sea
As I swam and I fell deep
Into to the pool of broken wishes
And damaged dreams
Only to find them whole
And unbroken,
Like each shell I gathered in the sand
Treasure to take away to remember
Moments that slip away and through
Shadowed images I know someday
I will no longer recall
And I could taste the scent left behind
Of vanilla and almonds that grew along shore
In paradise spaces of sky and sea
And the life that kept moving
With the moon and tides
Where I couldn’t hold on
And I sat and watched it slip farther away
Felt the muscles ease into a breath so light
Almost as nonexistent as the thought
That sits on the tip of my mind
And I see it as it falls into the deep abyss
Of a long ago bliss faded
Like the color of your eyes
And the pool within
I drown
With pleasure.

The heart of love

Dainty envelopes waiting
Elegant writing expressing
A heart of love
Given just because.
Close my eyes and see the smile
Blue girl shining like light
Vibrant sunshine yellow
And I can’t help but smile.
True spirits dancing
Sandy beaches and moonlit water
Tides bring change
Welcoming the truth of being alive.
A sister wild and free
Below the sky we are running free
To find our bliss in paradise
Lavender thoughts
Bring a heart filled with love.
Beautiful girl, thank you,
How I love a surprise.

A beautiful card found me unexpectedly from my girl Sara Ann. hello beautiful, pass it on and a letter filled with so much happiness and joy I could feel it through the ink to my fingers. I am blessed with amazing and beautiful friends.

Love in waves

Your words wash over me
Tsunami brings forth
Oceans of waves
Of love to my soul.
I float in the embrace
Of the water below the new moon
Echoes of my heart
Beating at peace.
You whisper to the senses
The lessons needing to be learned,
To be held true to all that is
To all that matters.
Strength buoys me in this movement
As I drift closer to shore
In reach of all I can feel,
To all that was meant
To set this love so free.
The anchor untied
Freedom of lightness inspires
To return bearing treasures
Of gifts of the sea
Of the essence of me.

Influenced lately by the new moon, being born in the sign of Cancer and feeling so loved today and also so very blessed at the gifts of words from wise friends.

And I sang

In the midst of the swirling water
I sat among the mermaids
And I sang to Neptune’s ghost
To take me in his arms
As the water crashed around me
I remained dry below the sun
Had he not heard
My siren call
Below in his bed
Comforted by the kelp and dolphins,
Did he sleep soundly
With sweet dreams surrounding
His old tired soul.
I slipped into the blue
Under skies clear and smiling
Amongst the flickers of color
I became one with the schools
Of sea babies swimming
Eyes that gazed knowing
The depths of my heart.
I sang the sounds of years
Of longing for this sea
The hymn of mermaids lost
I drifted on waves
Pulling me towards
The reef of Kings.
I felt the push from below
Raising me to the cresting throne
I am coming home.

The Neptune affair

Maybe it was the eyes
So deep and searching
She moved over him like a wave
Carelessly brushing against
The hair of his leg
Reaching past him
He caught his breath
Muscles tense
Yet fluid.
Maybe it was his words
Speaking with the soft southern drawl
“You’re dangerous” he said quietly with a smile
“I think not” she whispered back laughingly.
With a smile she swam back
Her corner of her shrine
Turquoise waters covering
What his eyes were seeking,
“You’re not like anyone else,
The way you talk,
The words you speak”
She shrugged her shoulders gently
Looking to him with raised brows
“I use the words that suit”
Was her only reply.
“Women I know would not talk like that” he said
as his hands made tiny waves in the water,
Nervous energy moving slowly.
She swam back across the blue
Ripples moving the warm waters
Like the Red Sea parting
She came close
And watched
Not speaking
As he shifted positions to be closer.
“You’re smart, your big words, your refined elegance”
She leaned back into the water
Hair cascading down her back
Black and slick like a whip,
“It is who I am, I can be no other”
She moved away again
Watching his gaze move up and down
As if entranced by her mermaid tail
Invisible to all
But him.
She lifted herself out
To the concrete shelf
As her scales slid way
Leaving softness and the lair
Of a woman who embraced her core,
She knew her power,
She felt his undoing.
She rose to leave and felt him beside her,
Reaching for her, his hand gentle on her shoulder
She felt her soul shivering in the night air,
“Ah Neptune my love, tis time to depart”
And she moved a few steps away to leave.
Gathering her treasures,
Yet realizing she had left one behind
Silently walked back to the man who waited.
She could feel his eyes in the darkness
Searing into her soul
As he gathered her so close
She rested her face to his neck
Felt his muscles quiver,
She could taste the salt
The warmth of his shoulder,
She closed her eyes and wished for but a moment
As her lips brushed his sweetly,
Her hands dropped to their side
Hands empty,
“Your treasure is not mine” she said
As a tear fell from her eyes,
“Ah but no fear my beauty, this gift will remain in my mind
Until my dying day” and he kissed her hand
And released her to the wind.
She did not look back,
She could not stay in this moment,
Her heart had journeys to go
And maybe someday perhaps,
They would find each other once more
Under a dying moon
Immersed in warm pools
Of a memory.

Lady blue

Sitting below your azure skies
Crystal ball whispering
Of magical surprise,
Moon fever captured
Through starry eyes you gaze
Future lost in more blue.
Hue of water
Washing waves to your feet
Releasing your heart
To the mindless bliss
Peace and words flow
Through the river of your gentle soul
Tell me what the crystal speaks,
Does it fill your sleep with soft music,
Tones of the universe strumming
Lulling you to the rocking ocean,
Like a boat on water,
A soul skimming the surface
Of endless beauty.
Lady blue I hear your song,
Like a siren symphony
Gliding through
Pulling my strings
Child come soon
Home by the sea.

Dreaming awake

White sand spilled
From blue skies on high
Picture perfect moment
I will wait for you.
Running forward to embrace
The sights and sounds
The sand packed hard beneath the feet
Wetness lends itself
To signs I left behind
Follow the prints to the heart.
I will wait
While water washes clear
The path I take to arrive here,
With a wave and a smile
Below an endless scene
Beauty waits for us to join,
Slipping away
Dreaming awake.