Tiny trinkets

thoughts and wishes

fragile eggs like emotions

kept safe.

Friends of the world

united in words 

love and hope fill the pages

that lay empty for much too long.

Traveller of the universe

my thoughts scattered

Now back after many weeks,

new charms in pockets,

new songs to be sung

and I know this feeling once more,

of being alive and cherished

of being loved and as one

with all that surrounds

and keeps safe,

all that ever mattered.

Mirror shines it’s moonlight glow

through open windows and the whisper of wind

blowing the hair gently

I am beautiful

I am whole.

I am at home in my heart.


Against the past

She stands alone

against the walls

that feel as if they daily

crumble down.

She holds her hands up

trying to stop the destruction,

the feelings and emotions

bottled behind glass,

like the dam that burst from pressure,

she is carried forward with the tide,

destination known

by only her heart.

She reaches her hand to grasp at things

she thinks will stop her from falling,

but the knowledge and escape she seeks

lies solely within her soul.

She must dive in deep,

treading past the hurt,

the pain and tears.

She must find the light once more,

and crush the foe

that is yesterday.

Battle ready she will grow strong

and looking forward to what is to come,

never back except perhaps

to wave goodbye one last time.

Abandon through dance

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I would have been the girl

laughing in my nature dance,

I would have been the girl laughing

wild abandon that is beauty

I would have been

ensnared in the dance that is life,

I would be spinning under the setting sun

summers demise and warm autumn nights,

I would have been the girl

dancing with my friends,

not a care in the world,

embracing all that is

in this rich and beautiful tapestry

of trees and grass soft on the feet,

woven like a waltz,

one two three

to be simply free,

I would have been the girl.