Entering a change

Broken leaves crack like gunshot
Beneath lumbering feet searching
Through restless forests silenced
By the coming of man.
White tails move away
Clipped paces too fast it seems for eyes that see
For thoughts that seek an end
To the burning questions bred
By indecision
And the hands of fate
That led him here.
Silver light flickers
As a hand held up to block the light
Entering shadows on the quest
To bring peace to the existence
Once lost here among
The hard woods and rot
And the fungus that marks decay
Turned to a pile of nothing
With the heel that kicked it away.
Clouds move in as winds come to call
The eclipse hours off
A change on its way
Where clarity will again take hold
And whisk the thoughts effortlessly away
And as the flies flicker about
Hovering like puppets,
They too will blow free with the wind,
The chorus of nature will once again rise up
To take their place,
And finish the music echoing
In this amazing fortress
Filled with the earths hypnotic grace
And tomorrow’s blessing will grab hold
As each tender step taken,
With eyes wide open to see
This peace at last
To be set free.

This moon turns the thoughts like a compost barrel, around and around and knowing that soon the great dark earth made under the sun each day will turn to itself and become all it is truly meant to be.
Beautiful image taken by my father.

And I

Loved you like thoughts that run
Flowing like the coolest water
Cascading across my brow
Sending shivers to my senses.
And I sat with eyes closed and I
Ran images of each moment
Every stolen kiss
And the color of your eyes
Like the sea
As I swam and I fell deep
Into to the pool of broken wishes
And damaged dreams
Only to find them whole
And unbroken,
Like each shell I gathered in the sand
Treasure to take away to remember
Moments that slip away and through
Shadowed images I know someday
I will no longer recall
And I could taste the scent left behind
Of vanilla and almonds that grew along shore
In paradise spaces of sky and sea
And the life that kept moving
With the moon and tides
Where I couldn’t hold on
And I sat and watched it slip farther away
Felt the muscles ease into a breath so light
Almost as nonexistent as the thought
That sits on the tip of my mind
And I see it as it falls into the deep abyss
Of a long ago bliss faded
Like the color of your eyes
And the pool within
I drown
With pleasure.

About a dream

Somewhere on the edge of waking
Where the eyes see meager light through
Relaxed movement of lids
Distorted dreams come calling
Enlarged and all around
Illusionary tales
Left me quite bereft.
Believing in the scenes
To tell me which way up
Brought round to once more
Perhaps once again let down.
Who moves these signs
Chaos obscures the truth
So to be strong
To keep on carrying on
Through filters I will see
The truth
Shall be
Set free.

Photo by : Haerang. Facebook evolver social movement

A lifetime

If I had to give
A lifetime
To hear your words
Spun tales of the unknown
Of a universe unfolding
Behind eyes
Too dulled to see,
If I had a lifetime
And words could heal
Make whole the wants and needs
The traveller of the stars
Could sleep
In dreams of sublime happiness
In rooms of white
Isn’t that what we all need
To bring peace to a soul unsure,
Unprepared for the truth
Of the skies and stars
And do we stand by
As witness to our own truth
And would we be so very afraid
To learn
The truth was all that ever mattered…
That we are really truly connected
By the webs of spiders
That weave on our behalf
Glorious art piece that would never see
The light of a museum
But cherished none the less?
I hold dear the heart
Etched like a gravestone
In a decrepit yard
As they were like I,
Souls who did not want to leave quite yet
But wanted to be remembered
In some archaic way,
For me I choose to spend the balance
Blowing in the wind
With the souls of seasons,
Collected like dust
On the petal
Of a flower
In the sun.


Three sisters
Or friends perhaps
Lovingly etched
In the glass.
Ice like cool to touch
Like the soul
Illuminated from within.
I dwell on the faces
Staring like death
Not moving
Not wavering in their frozen expression.
Who were muses
To inspire the piece
What thoughts lived in their minds as they sat
Posing as they became immortal,
Locked into the art forever,
A cool block smooth
Resting on a restaurant shelf
Gazing at those that dine
On elegant meats and deserts,
What do they hear
With glass ears
As champagne is sipped
Words of love
Or words of goodbye
Or the silence of those
Who know each other so well
The quiet a blessing
From a hurried world
To sit and pretend
Opulent surroundings
A get away
From the mortal day to day.