Between words

What is it
This emptiness that lies between words
In the spaces filled with something,
The language of breath
And formation of the body movement,
Palpable in its nothingness
Yet so deeply heard.
Reaching for the sky
Locked in the senses
Each one whole
Silence not broken by the sound
Of words thick with meaning
Underlying and known thoughts
To let it go into the wind,
Slip away beneath the surface
Watching it drown in its self
Rising strong above
Warrior carries the burden
Alone to stand
Undisturbed by the pull
Of a need,
Letting the sorrow go
Of the need to control,
To fix,
To make it all better,
Hands open to the coming
Of love undeniable.

A touch of words

Sweetest words caress
Letters falling off the page
Like rain mist soft and gentle
Soaking through
Parched skin.
Oils of life poured
Drop by drop
Scents of ages,
timeless in memory
Filling the soul with ease.
I whisper aloud
The foreign tongue of yesterday
Born of star dust and moonbeams
Brought to life by thought
And set down upon stone
Etched forever
Touching the soul
Simple history
Gentle like the sweetest caress
Of lavender across shoulders
Drawn in intoxicating
Fevered to love
Becoming one.

Her words

Jars of words
Fleetingly passing
From thought to wisps of paper
Smiles in ink
Tucked away
Like birds in a cage
Her words moving
Pushing against the bonds
Seeking escape to be free
upheld and flying away
Into the atmosphere
Feathers moving
In bliss of love.
Her words falling
Touching down gently
Upon the lonely souls
Lost to her
Yet still remembered
She remembers the sense
The feel of each one
Like a precious gift
She gives her words
Wings to fly.

Words into the air

She lifts me,
Her high wire words
Suspending me with buoyancy
I cannot fall
The air hangs with the cushion
Of beauty
To catch
To comfort
To buffer the unbalanced moment
Of air swirling
Like Walenda in a far off land
But to survive
To stand
Shake off the dust
Of snow that swirls about the soul
Blinded windows quiver
Nothing to see folks,
Move along,
But she will lift me
Through the winds that will rock
The ship on quiet waters
She will guide me
To smooth passages
Her verse a lighthouse
Her friendship an anchor
Keeping in check
Against the high tides.
Seasons spawn unease
And I will forge on
Blinded by the winter chill
Balanced precariously on a dream
I will tread with abandon,
I will fly
I will soar.

Somewhere (to friends)

I picture you
Far away
Letting your heart spill onto paper
Folded neatly and tucked
Into the small envelope
Sitting at your desk
As you ponder sadness
Through the view of the window
I see you beautiful,
A smile tilting your mouth
As you recall a story,
An anecdote
Of your days,
Locked in the world
Far far from here.
I close my eyes
Wondering where your mind drifted to
As you told me of heartbreak
Of joy
And of the gifts that life brings,
And I feel as if I’ve known you
For forever and a day,
And I think of the words
Written on pretty paper
And I wonder if you know,
Just how much joy
You give me on dark days,
Just how much words mean
When the heart craves all things good
And the envelope flies
To land at my feet
Another white feather sent
From the bird that flies free
In the sky above.