Love in waves

Your words wash over me
Tsunami brings forth
Oceans of waves
Of love to my soul.
I float in the embrace
Of the water below the new moon
Echoes of my heart
Beating at peace.
You whisper to the senses
The lessons needing to be learned,
To be held true to all that is
To all that matters.
Strength buoys me in this movement
As I drift closer to shore
In reach of all I can feel,
To all that was meant
To set this love so free.
The anchor untied
Freedom of lightness inspires
To return bearing treasures
Of gifts of the sea
Of the essence of me.

Influenced lately by the new moon, being born in the sign of Cancer and feeling so loved today and also so very blessed at the gifts of words from wise friends.

Moving me

Your words move me
Gently lapping at my soul
I drift along on the sweetest waves
Surrendering to your storm.
Passion fills the hull
Weighing me with bliss
Empty at port
Refilled cargo of
Your sweetest whispers.
You move me to the melody
Of your songs of the seas
And I lay beneath a million stars
Embraced by your sultry light
Sweet moon of my senses
You’ve returned once more to me,
Journey to the moment
I become
In the light of your energy,
Reflected on a wave
Of cascading showers
Raining down on the sand
Washing me away
Like a treasure not discovered
You have become
My desire.